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side effects from steroid injections

Anyone experience side effects from steroid shots? I was given a dose this past Sunday and Monday (24 weeks) ...last night and today I've had body aches, like when you get a fever, but no fever.  Although I did feel feverish last night in the cheeks but no temp. 

I was in L&D  for bleeding and cramping which has since subsided.  I have a history of placenta abruption at 19 weeks, and they believe I have a small abruption started.

Also is there a Facebook group for high risk/bed rest mom's. ...looking for more support.

Re: side effects from steroid injections

  • I was admitted to the hospital at 25 weeks to get the steroid shots. (Short cervix) I did notice after I got them my whole body would twitch/jerk. I was also really sweaty. It went away though in a couple hours. I spent 10 weeks on bed rest. It's tough mentally at first but you get use to it. My doc let me up at 34 weeks so I could build some strength up before baby arrives.... I spent most of my days watching Netflix and Hulu, adding to my baby registry, filling out the invites for the baby shower and reading. If you ever need to chat you can message me! 
  • I had the steroid shots a week and a half ago .  I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia.  I asked the nurse who injected them the side effects and she said basically the same side effects any steroid has.  I'm not sure if you've ever had to take prednisone or anything else...but it usually kicks my ass for a while.  I felt weak, heart throbbing out of chest, muscle aches, and I get anxiety.  It's an awful feeling for me, but I learn to suck it up.
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