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Rules for VBAC

What are your doctor's rules for having a vbac? Gentle induction, deadline to go into labor, etc.?

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  • I hope my provider will do the same. I have a meeting with them on the 21st of June. Are they allowing the induction bc you had a VBAC before or because it is just their policy. This will be my first VBAC.
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  • My provider will only allow me to go to 40 weeks. Induction is not an option; however, he will use pitocin should it be necessary once labor has started. 
  • I hope my provider will do the same. I have a meeting with them on the 21st of June. Are they allowing the induction bc you had a VBAC before or because it is just their policy. This will be my first VBAC.
    No, that is just their policy. I was induced at 41 weeks last time, and had a (long) successful VBAC.

  • My doc will let me go to 42 weeks if all is well. The hospital allows inductions for VBAC and the doc will do it also. Although if I'm being honest if I get to 42 weeks we might as well repeat C. 
  • The only rule I know of if that she will not induce me. I have to go into labor naturally (on my own) in order to attempt a VBAC.

  • There isn't much for rules per say they'll let you try if your in good health and it's relatively relistic. 
    1. Not breech
    2. No serious health problems for mom like uncontrolled GD, HELP, PRE E
    3. Go into labor before 42 weeks or they will induce with the foley bulb and pitocin.
    4. Agree to NST's after 40 weeks. 
    5. They prefer you not to have an epidural. 
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  • My doctor was very supportive and this was my first VBAC (June 2015)

    He said 42 weeks max as long as I was passing the NST. At 42 weeks he would do a gentle induction with folely bulb. 
    He also said he would do the foley bulb if I wanted after 41 weeks. 
    Epi or no epi whichever I wanted (I ended up getting the epi)

    really he just wanted me and the baby safe and that's what we wanted. So whatever it was to do that :) 

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  • My doc doesn't have many hard and fast rules for VBACs (my upcoming birth will be my 2nd VBAC with her), as she tries to work with each individual case.

    She typically doesn't like to induce a VBAC, but last time it was necessary because my husband was going out of the country for 2 weeks, starting on my due date. At 39 weeks, she used a foley bulb and then broke my water when I was at 4cm, and it went beautifully. She mentioned that she'd be up for doing a similar induction this time, if I wanted to. (Yes, please).

    At the hospital, I had to be on continuous fetal monitoring, which sucked because as I moved around into different laboring positions (I did med free), the nurse was constantly having to readjust the monitor. I'm pretty sure at some point, I made a snarky comment about leaving me the hell alone :)
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  • My doc won't induce for a vbac, have to go into labor naturally. Fingers crossed!
  • Mine has a lot of rules...

    1.  Baby can't be "big" - although this is a bogus rule according to ACOG information that I've reviewed.  My first  was 8lb5oz, and I'm measuring a bit smaller this time anyway.  As far as I know "macrosomic" is >8lb 13oz, so unless this baby's bigger than this I'll argue the "big baby" reason with my MD... especially since LOs measured just about on par to be 8# even the whole time, AND ultrasound can be very inaccurate (give or take half a pound either way).

    2.  No complications (GD, Pre E, etc).

    3.  Ideal birth presentation (vertex)

    4.  Go in to labor on my own, they won't induce, OR use labor augmentation

    5.  She wants me to have an epidural, but again this seems to be a point of controversy between both the MDs and literature.  I'm opting against, I hated it last time. 

    6.  Agree to CFM

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  • I'm really lucky to have a very VBAC supportive office, my OB only says as long as this baby isn't breech (the reason I had c section last time). Nothing even about size, which I was worried about because my first was 10lbs 3oz at 38weeks. 
  • My doc saying same thing 
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