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Camera recommendations?

Reading the thread about posting social media pictures got me to thinking that regardless of our decision,  I want to have some nice photos of the baby as he/she is growing up. 

I've had a variety of cameras throughout the years,  but now am looking for one that takes amazing pictures, is small enough to fit in the diaper bag without being obtrusive, is durable and easy to use, and possibly has a waterproof feature.

Recently I've used an older very small Nikon Coolpix, but it seems very slow at times (maybe it's just too old).  I also have a Canon Rebel T2i that takes very nice pics,  but it's so big and bulky I just tend to leave it at home. 

Has anybody out there found the "perfect" camera???

Re: Camera recommendations?

  • GoPro Hero is water proof and takes great pics and small 
  • I have a Rebel T3i....I'd love to upgrade but don't have the funds.  I don't think anything is going to beat your DSLR - they just have too many options to adjust your settings that other types of cameras aren't going to offer.  That said, my Galaxy also takes amazing photos lol.
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  • I have the T5i and I love it!
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    I actually recommend upgrading your phone instead of buying a new camera -- you almost always have it with you already, and sharing is terribly easy! I highly recommend the Galaxy S line. Here are camera reviews for the S7 Edge and the S6 Edge. The last Galaxy S I had was the 4, and it was fantastic! The only reason I don't have an S now is I wasn't willing to pay for it. (We live out of the US and buy phones at retail price.) I got a Nexus 5x which is a great little phone, but the camera isn't awesome. And of course, the newer iPhone cameras are nothing to scoff at.

    Edited to add: I've been considering purchasing a mirrorless camera to replace my Rebel T2i. While still larger than most point and shoots, it's smaller and lighter than an SLR and still allows you to swap out lenses to vary your shots, if you like to get artsy. Still on the fence, but it might be a birthday present to myself next year or something.
  • Some of you have probably heard of The Small Things Blog, where Kate shares hair/beauty tips along with tidbits about her two little boys. She recently recommended the Samsung NX500 in this video, and it sounds pretty nice! It is compact and has wi-fi access so you can share straight from the camera. 

    I have a Canon Rebel T3i and I like it a lot, but it's definitely not compact. :) We typically only bring it out for special occasions -- I need to bring it out more!

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    Yes. The Panasonic Lumix. I was a pro photographer, and these use a lieca lens, so great quality, are awesome in low light, and (quite a bit) lighter than their Nikon or cannon counter parts. I have both a point and shoot and the dslr version. Even the dslr is small enough to tote around.

    Edited to add links:

    Here is one of the ones I have.;utm_medium=cpc&amp;utm_campaign=Product Ads(BSC)&amp;utm_term=1101300837630&amp;utm_content=all products

    This is similar to the point and shoot, mine is older. Yes, it's clunky for a point and shoot, but it has some of those "can't live without" features from a DSLR.;utm_medium=cpc&amp;utm_campaign=Product Ads(BSC)&amp;utm_term=1101300837695&amp;utm_content=all products

  • I absolutely love photography and videography. I use the canon t3i for "professional" pictures and a few months ago purchased the canon g7x. I mainly got it for the video feature since my t3i is bulky and doesn't take videos very easily and not only does the g7x take amazing videos but the image quality is actually really awesome as well and it's so easy and compact I find myself reaching for it way more than my t3i
  • I have tried a few more compact cameras to replace my DSLR and nothing ever compares to the detail of my  DSLR. If they could find a way to make one more compact, that would sell like hotcakes I am sure!
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    Totally lurking... Look into mirrorless cameras. I have a sony a6000 it's smaller than a dslr but takes excellent pictures and has a removable lense like a dslr. It also has built in wifi and NFC so i can upload pics to my phone within a minute. 
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