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Crabby baby

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Does anyone else have a crabby baby?  I have been in a slight denial about it because when I was pregnant, I pictured this perfect little bouncing bundle of joy and that's not always the case.  Don't get me wrong, she definitely has happy, smiley, laughing times but I feel like anytime we try to go somewhere, she turns into a crab.  Of course, I get flustered and that probably makes things worse.  I have ruled out so many different thing, thinking something is bothering her, changed her bottles while I am away from her (she is breastfed), she rarely ever spits up so I don't think it's reflux, etc.  I have come to the conclusion that she doesn't like people in her face and that she doesn't like to be away from home all that much.  Anyone else in this boat?  I'm hoping it doesn't last too long!

Re: Crabby baby

  • My baby is more crabby when away from home too.  I think it will pass as she gets older.
  • My baby is 14 weeks today, and the last two days we have been out of the house, in the car and running errands, with no crying or fussing! This is a first for him, he would be so crabby when out that I have basically been holed up at home with him until now, hopefully it's just fussiness getting better as they are getting older!
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  • My lo is the opposite. Baby is totally fine in a busy restaurant at home needs to be constantly entertained. Its exhausting getting everything ready to leave the house I have a 4 year old to tote around too. But, when we are out he's an angel. When we get home he's like where's the party? I think he gets sick of me cuss he'll fight and fuss then dad will say come here little buddy and pick him up and bam all better! since he turned 4 months he's noticing everything and is highly distractable. Hopefully ur babe will become more aware and easily distracted also.
  • My baby loves to go! Meeting new people is her thing--even when it's a trip to the ER. One thing that I've noticed that makes her REALLY crabby, though, is someone wearing too much perfume. If someone wearing perfume holds her, and then it lingers on LO's skin and clothes, she will fuss until I bathe and change her. It makes sense, since I am sensitive to that, too, but she seems more so than me. I also prefer her to smell like baby, not like old lady. :smile: 
  • Maybe I over reacted slightly because now she has been a perfect angel the past couple days!  We just had a horrendous day on Wednesday, maybe she did have a tummy ache or something.  She was crabby from the time I picked her up from daycare at 11am until she went to bed at 7pm.  She loves to be outside but we had an hour car ride each way up to the hospital for her check up then tried to go to dinner after that. She was not having it!
  • The last couple days my LO has cried in her stroller. UGH! She used to fall asleep, but she was not having it these last couple days. I go for 3-4 mile walks and have been stuck in the middle of nowhere with a "crabby" baby. I hear you!
  • Sometimes LO will have days like that. He's almost 5 months (I've lost count of weeks) - sometimes he loves the car, sometimes I can drive half a mile and have to turn Around because he's screaming his head off. 
    SO and I have only had one successful shopping trip with him not getting fussy. It's been feeling like summer here in the south lately and apparently the stores have forgotten what air conditioning is and LO HATES I mean HATES being hot so there are many times we just have to leave the store and come home. I'm hoping he will become accustomed to being hot otherwise it's going to be a long 4 months until the weather gets a little cooler. 
    He also likes to have a fit while I go to the drive thru of anywhere-- it's like he knows I'm hungry and that's not allowed. Anyone else's LO hate the drive-thru?
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    @carlyhammond I haven't tried the drive thru yet, but DS hates anything that involves Mommy eating, so I'm sure he wouldn't be a fan.  ;)
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    @carlyhammond I've been through the bank drive thru twice with the same result. Lots of screaming. It's like they know!
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    @carlyhammond my LO also hates the drive thru too!  It's because she hates the car being stopped for more than a few seconds. We have definitely had a few times where I order and everything is fine but by the time we get to the window, my baby has transformed into a hysterical demon. I figure it's just good motivation for the staff to reduce their service times! 
  • I am lurking from Dec 15, but my babe was born on Dec 31st, anyway I think it's different daily! But it gets easier as she has gotten older, she is 21 weeks now, and every week she has more interest in the outside world. Everything changes so quickly, every 2 weeks babe is different
  • My LO definitely hates when we stop in the car too.  Stop lights, traffic, drive thru etc.  But I have noticed since I created this post that it is a day to day thing.  Saturday was rough as we had over an hour drive to go to a bridal shower, things were going fine until she pooped through her brand new, super cute outfit in her carseat when we were 5 minutes from our destination.  I was sooooo mad!  I'm sure she fed off my frustration and then she wouldn't nurse well and fussed through most of the shower and fought naps all day.  Needless to say, I went to bed at 730pm that night.  Sunday was perfect though.  We went out for her first ride in our pontoon boat and she absolutely loved it and was a perfect angel.
  • I agree with PP that things change a lot and something that will cause a meltdown one week might be actually enjoyed two weeks later.  It's crazy!  My LO has gone through very intense phases with things.  First month LOVED her Ergo carrier.  Every time we've tried it after?  Meltdown city.  She used to hate her swing, now it calms her.  She wasn't a fan of stroller walks until I tried, of all things, these baby sunglasses my friend got me.  I just tried it to take a photo, but she a-d-o-r-e-s them.  She is now the happiest little clam taking stroller walks, as long as she has her shades on, haha.  I would just keep trying things and see how it goes.  Good luck!  :)
  • We've discovered that making sure she has her nap before we leave helps. 
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