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OB/GYN in Howard County Area

Hello All,

I've researched this topic and found some dated discussions, hence my inquiry. Are there any good recommendations for this area?

I was going to an OB/GYN in Baltimore County - who conducted an unnecessary surgery to remove a polyp. Unnecessary because when she went in with the scope, saw there wasn't anything there (no polyp, no anything despite an XRay that indicated there was), but she went ahead a proceeded with the D & C on me to justify the surgery and hospital time/cost. Due to this, my cycle was delayed, and I am still in pain months later. I wanted to try attempt for my first soon (or at some point in the near future), but not sure if things are messed up in there. I am looking for a practice with more than one physician for coverage and also good & know what they are doing. Any recommendation would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your time :) 

Re: OB/GYN in Howard County Area

  • Look into the Columbia Women's Medical Group. They have a number of doctors, nurse practitioners as well as midwives. Wonderful office - very professional. Best of luck!
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    Late reply but I love Capital Women's Care in Laurel. They also have offices in Maple Lawn and Silver Spring I believe. I've been going there since I was 18 and they will be delivering my first in December.
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