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Listeria Alert--Granola Bars

Re: Listeria Alert--Granola Bars

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    @megstervt AMEN. I had a turkey and brie sandwich last night, it was amazing. 
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    Bring on the Sub way!
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    SerpicaSerpica member
    I totally bought one of those quinoa bars at my work's cafeteria today... Luckily I didn't eat it because my boss brought in delicious macaroon cookies to a meeting. Yikes! Thanks for posting!
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    I've been eating sushi this whole pregnancy....

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    foxa319foxa319 member
    Wtf? Granola bars??? I'm glad I ate sandwiches this whole time!! 
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    Funny - my local grocery store had a big display of these on sale for a reduced price tonight. Get your listeria here!
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