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Hyland teething tablet recall??

I'm freaking out because I have my daughter 3 doses of the hyland teething tablets over the past two nights and am reading horrible reviews and even a recall in 2010. Anyone use these or have advice? The recall said that the ingredient-belladonna- was toxic and caused harm to some children. They seem to be working like a charm because my daughter is less cranky after the doses but now I'm scared as hell. 

Re: Hyland teething tablet recall??

  • Lately ive given my son the teething tablets as well but not worried i had read this article.. Check it out http://www.hylands.com/news/hylands-teething-recall.php
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    I read the recall had been fixed, and they lowered the dose of the belladonna. The most recent recall I heard about was the Orajel. Contact your pediatrician perhaps she has more information but I used it for my son when he just started teething, but then switched over to the Hyland teething gel instead because it worked better! Keep us posted mama! 
  • I was dreaming out too. But, all is good with the batch now.  :)
  • there's so little belladonna per tablet in those you'd basically have to give the baby a whole tubeful or maybe two for there to be any toxic effect.
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