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Double stroller ideas

Hello! I have a 18 month old right now and soon we will have a nother baby on the way in October which will make my daughter almost at 2 years by that time. Does anyone have any ideas on any good double strollers to look at? Right now my 18 month old loves to NOT be in the stroller.. she loves to run and walk most of the time we've been noticing but I still find it necessary to have the option of the stroller especially when we go to festivals or events with them. I know there are so many, the double wide, the double that is front and back.. the sit and stand. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful! Thanks! 

Re: Double stroller ideas

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    Baby Jogger City Select.

    What we did is get a single, and then buy the second seat adapter bars separately for about $20, and the carseat adapter. My DS is almost 5 months old, so he's still in the infant seat in the top spot, and DD is 2.5 and sits in the seat in the bottom (over the front wheels). 

    I got a good deal on the site above by buying a 2013 model. It's still new, but an older model. Baby Jogger doesn't update a lot on their strollers except for the colors and maybe the seat straps, so all model years are compatible.


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    We have a Baby Jogger City Mini GT double and love it. We've had it 18 months and taken it to many events when necessary. It's a side by side, but fits through an average door. The 3 year old doesn't always ride, but it's not such a huge stroller that setting the diaper bag or other stuff in the other seat is always an option. 
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    I really liked my joovy caboose ultra light
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    We also have the Joovy Caboose and I love it.  My almost 2 year old and 4 year old take turns on the sit/stand part quite happily.  It also folds almost as small as our single stroller so it fits well in our small cars!  My only complaint is it has less storage than what I was used to, but that's rather subjective.
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    I have a question about the Baby Jogger City Select Double. Does anyone know if it works with a Chicco Keyfit 30? 
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    Hey Audi681, yeah it does work with the Chicco Keyfit 30
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    audi681 said:
    I have a question about the Baby Jogger City Select Double. Does anyone know if it works with a Chicco Keyfit 30? 

    Yes it works. I have a city elite by baby jogger and I originally had a key fit 30 but I did not like how it clicked into the adapter. It seemed unsteady and I don't like how there was a strap going across the front of the baby, totally inconvenient. I changed my car seat to a Maxi Cosi and I much preferred how this one clicked into the adapter. It did not have the strap going across and was very sturdy. I can pick up the car seat and the stroller is attached firmly. I would suggest going to BBB and trying out the combinations.

    Now I am looking for a double... I am considering the contours elite, joovy scoot and baby jogger city mini GT.

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    I'm unsure of which doublenatroller to get too! My one year old currently prefers to face me so Inwould like a stroller that has reversible seats. Also,  I don't know whether to get one where the seats are side-by-side Or one in front of the other. I like the look of the side-by-side and the feeling that both children are close to me but is this logical if you're going into stores and restaurants etc. does it fit? 
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