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Doctor's Appointments: What happens from here?

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I am 29 weeks pregnant and up till now I have been able to find what my doctor would be doing at each visit.

Now, I can't find anything!

Anyone want to share information on what they do at the 30, 32, 34, and 36 week visits and the weekly visits after that? 

Re: Doctor's Appointments: What happens from here?

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    This week's is labeled "Week of 16/5 Randoms" so you can find it easier. People are great about responding so don't be scared about the length or varied topics. 
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    It depends on the doctor, as each one will do something different. Like most people I know are already doing appointments every other week with their doctor, and I am still scheduled for once a month. I had an appointment today (30 weeks) and don't have my next one until 35 weeks. I know that for my doctor usually 36 weeks is when they do the GBS testing. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same with checking my urine, checking blood pressure, weight, and discussing things that may have come up since the last visit. 
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    I'm 34 weeks today (STM) and I can't say I've seen a difference in the way my appointments have been running.  Other than what the above poster mentioned about GBS, there isn't a lot of variation from here on out.

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    I went for my 30 yesterday and I always feel like these appts are a complete waste of time! They literally listened by Doppler and checked my urine, measured my tummy and I was on my way. My doc said that 36 weeks they will do  growth ultrasound so I can imagine my 32 and 34 will feel just as pointless as the 30!
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    each practice is different. My 30 week was just weight, BP, Doppler, measure belly, and urine sample. ARNP brought up post baby birth control again and Tdap (already got it). I asked about GBS swab and she said they'll do that at 35 weeks.

    Basically, I expect more of the same unless I go overdue again. Then I expect a NST and BPP (biophysical profile).

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    I'm assuming that until the weekly appointments start happening that is it all more of the same. Pee in a cup, listen to heart beat, measure fundal height. Not too sure what to expect at the weekly appointments other than theGSB swab and cervical checks if you want those.  
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    Agreed with @danjoly
    @carolynpetite the 30w appt can go over GD test results and see how a patient is doing if they were diagnosed, as well as make sure the HR of LO is good and you don't have signs of pre-e. If you believe that you're wasting time, then call your OB/midwife before the appt and ask what will be going on at that appt, to decide if you deem it worthy of your time. No one is twisting your arm to go. 

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    At my 30 week appointment, the usual (urine test, blood pressure, fundal height, check in with my symptoms) but now that my midwife has noted that my fundal height is measuring "ahead" and baby measured ahead on the 20w scan, she ordered a growth ultrasound at my 32w (tomorrow). Typically, my midwife wouldn't be ordering a growth scan unless they really wanted to look at something - with DD I didn't have any ultrasounds after the 20w anatomy scan.
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    I'm totally aware and thankful for uneventful! This is my 3rd ;). I was just saying my experience!
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    I had my 33 week appointment on Tuesday. I go every other week and it's the same as all my other appointments. Check blood pressure, weigh me, answer any questions I might be having, measure my stomach and check for heartbeat. Once I get in to see my doctor in normally out by 10 minutes maybe 15.
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    Last week (31 weeks) I got my TdaP shot. Week 35 I get an extra-long appointment for my "labor talk" where we talk about our birth plan. Otherwise the appointments have been pretty much the same. My urine, BP, weight, and belly measurements, as well as the baby's heartbeat are checked. Then we talk about any changes or concerns. I actually find it pretty reassuring to go every two weeks since the symptoms are so much worse in the third trimester and there's so much that can go wrong here.
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    Well for a normal non event full pregnancy I would still like each appointment. Things can change so fast that appointment might be the one to save you or your baby's life. 
    I went to my 29w appointment and it was the normal urin, BP weight, belly measurement, baby's heartbeat. The midwife went over my Growth US  & FFN results from week 27( I was having many contracts so we did the FFN)  I expressed to the midwife how I haven't been having so many contractions but this lower achy back pain that won't go away the last week and it was increasing. Turns out I was in PTL. I spent a week in the hospital luckily they stopped my labor and I'm on Bedrest and medication to stop contractions. I am now on weekly appointments. So please for those who feel they aren't important, every appointment  boring or not is very important . 
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