25 week preemie!

So I had an ultrasound on Monday to check my cervix for progress. During the check the amniotic fluid was low which meant weeks more of hospital bedrest. But then my MFM decided to do a speculum check where it was found the baby was breech, sac was ruptured and baby's foot was sticking out of my cervix!! We had to do an emergency c-section immediately! I couldn't believe it. I called my husband who had just left the hospital to grab somethings from home and told him the news!! Panic stricken he headed back. After 2 hours of prepping epidural and gearing up for surgery I had my baby boy on May 16.2016 @7:55pm. He started out on breathing monitor but was taken off the same night because he can breathe in his own. He's very active and aware. Always looking around and grabbing my fingers. Surprisingly I was able to produce some colostrum and swab it around his mouth last night before bed. This will help to coat his stomach for his tube feelings in which he'll be receiving donor breastmilk until mine comes in fully in a few days. He's in a really good position considering the circumstances. I'm grateful for every step of this journey. It will be a while before he comes home but I'm going to just enjoy every moment and take it one day at a time!!

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    I had a 25 week preemie who is now a healthy and happy 5 year old. Message me if you have any questions! Good luck with everything!
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    Thank you so much!! I love to hear success stories!
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    Just wanted to say congrats and goodluck preemies are such fighters so wonderful he is breathing in his own! The nicu is a quite the journey but it can be a good experience if you stay positive.  take advantage and ask lots of questions! And definitely remember to take care of yourself too. He will be home before you know it!
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    Thank you!! Baby has been doing really well. Me on the other hand have been up and down trying to recover from the csection. Random fevers. Terrible back and gas pains. Going to see my OB on Tuesday because of course it's a holiday weekend. 
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    So happy baby is well and Sorry recovery is so hard I can relate! I didn't have a Csection but had secere pre e and was in and out of dr because of it I had to stay in hospital for two weeks after he was born to recover! Its ok though I was able to stau close to ds! I hope you get things sorted and are feeling better soon!
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    Hope everything is still going good. Incredible story. Prayers!!
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    Hope you and baby are doing well! I have a 25 weeker as well. He's a happy, healthy 1.5 year old now!
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    I know this is an old thread but thought I would just chime in for those that posted and anyone who see this thread later.  I personally was a 28wk premie and am now a healthy and happy 40yr old with a 4yr old DS.  

    I can't imagine what it was like for my mother but just because you have / having a premie doesn't mean it's the end of the world. I'm sure it's crazy scary and the unknown is there but those darling kids can certainly turn out fine. 

    I was 1lb 13oz and seeing how small my DS was at even 5lbs 12oz only a week and a half early is crazy to try and comprehend the emotion and possible challenges. 
    Sawyer James born 11/26/13  5lbs 12oz 
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