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Position of Baby

I am 33 weeks and my baby is laying transverse (from hip to hip). I need to get him moved to the fetal downward position by 36 weeks. Does anyone else have this problem and do you have any tips for getting baby to budge?

Re: Position of Baby

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    SerpicaSerpica member
    I told my doc I thought my baby was transverse but she thinks that's probably not the case (I did have an US 3.5 weeks ago that showed baby head down) - more that it's hard to tell what the position is. Also things change on their own most of the time as others have mentioned. There was a workshop called "Spinning Babies" at the yoga studio where I go that seemed relevant (I couldn't go), it might be worth looking into (they have a website with some info I think). I don't know how good it is so don't quote me on this, but could be interesting.  
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