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Group Birthday Party- need advice!

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Some friends and I all ended up having babies within 4 months of eachother- 7 of them (one had twins)! It's been a huge blessing, but we are now nearing 1st birthdays and all agreed we didn't want to go to/help plan 6 first birthdays within 4 months (let alone all our other friends attend that many). So, we are having one group party for all 7 babies, in the middle of their respective birth dates. My daughter will be 10 months, the oldest will be 14 months. 

Here's my question: What do we do about gifts? We are sending out invites to people who either:
A. Know all the babies
B. Know some of the babies
C. Only know one baby

We don't know what we should expect, but bringing 7 gifts to a party sounds ridiculous no matter how many of the kids you know! Any thoughts on how to word this in an invitation?

Currently, we are considering just putting nothing about gifts on the invite. 

Re: Group Birthday Party- need advice!

  • Maybe don't mention that it's a party for 7 babies on the invites; just personalize each invite with the names of the babies who that guest knows. For example, one invite might say "Please come celebrate Sophie's birthday with us..." while another would say "Please come celebrate Eric's and Jennifer's birthdays with us.." And yeah, definitely no mention of gifts on the invitation!
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