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Does anyone still swaddle their LO? Mine still really enjoys it and fusses until he's wrapped up, but the weekly update from the bump said we should stop. 

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Re: Swaddling

  • *guiltily raises hand* We do. She loooooves it, sleeps 7+ hours while swaddled, and can't roll over yet. She startles so easily still that I'm dreading stopping. I'm hoping that her reflex will go away some before we have to stop. 
  • Same here. LO is 3 months today, but we're still swaddling. I've read swaddling times contradicted everywhere, like everything else, but it's working for us now as well. She won't sleep well at all if I lay her flat unswaddled. Thankfully she is still sleeping in the rnp right now, but I'm nervous for when we transition to the pnp then crib and go unswaddled. I have a feeling we will have too many sleepless nights. I did read something recently though about how baby will tell you when they're ready to go unswaddled and if they're still swaddled and not rolling you are fine.
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  • @mwmiller4 mine doesn't startle easily, but he jerks a lot and wakes himself up. I think we're going to keep swaddling him until he doesn't like it any more. 

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  • @oxsarah7ox I hope that's true!  I tried to transition her from the RnP to the bassinet at around 2.5 months and she wasn't having it. She now sleeps just fine in the pack n play and in her crib for naps (if you call her 15-40 minute naps followed by being angry about being awake "just fine." Baby sleep stresses me out). 

    Glad I'm not alone @DrillSergeantCat ;) My SIL swaddled my niece until nearly 6 months since she refuses to be on her belly and won't roll onto it. She's sleeping just fine in a zipadeezip. 

    @kinnonam I'm hoping we get there soon! Your LO is adorable--my nearly bald daughter and I are jealous of those sweet curls!
  • My little has always been aFan of arms out. She sleeps in her sleep sack (it has a swaddle built in but we do not Use it) the last two nights she's been having some sleep regression . She is trying to roll over and gets stuck on her side and is so angry !! I've been really sick lately and miss my great sleeper 
  • Harrison always manages to get his left arm out almost immediately and then usually by the first feeding, he has both out. He just can't seem to go to sleep unswaddled.

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  • 22snc1222snc12 member
    We still swaddle sometimes. She sleeps so much better swaddled. She's always been able to unswaddle herself if she really wants to and even gets her hands up by her face in the actual built in swaddle blanket sleep sack thing. She sleeps great at night regardless, but during the day as soon as I put her down she wakes right up. I may start swaddling her during the day so I don't have to either wear her constantly or hold her ALL day lol.
  • We still swaddle because she sleeps so much better swaddled. I tried the other night leaving her arms out and she woke up over and over again so I said f it and swaddled her back up. Success for the rest of the night. She's too wiggly so it never ends up being very tight and her arms still have freedom but it obviously makes a difference. I'll try to transition again when I'm feeling like taking on a few nights of no sleep lol.
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  • We still swaddle but with arms out and we've been doing that since he was just a couple of weeks old. We do put socks over his hands and started doing that in the winter to keep them warm but havent stopped since the weather warming up. I think the socks may be helping since his hands are in his mouth all day long. I may try to go without the swaddle soon once we are definitely done with the randomly cold nights  (we're in NY). 
  • willkcwillkc member
    We were swaddling until a couple of weeks ago when he pulled the swaddle over his face and I freaked out. We went to arms out in his sleep sack then for a week, then just last night went to just footie pajamas no swaddle sack. Thankfully he has done fine with all the transitions- it hasn't affected his sleep at all
  • I stopped swaddling. LO didn't really need it so I just stopped around 6 weeks. We used the Halo Sleep Sack when I did swaddle her at night. 
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  • We stopped swaddling at night the other night since LO has been moving all over his crib and is rolling onto his side recently. I made it a gradual transition with one arm out for two nights, then two arms out. He has done ok with it so far. We still swaddle for nap time because he is right there in his rock n play next to us in the living room. For nighttime he sleeps in a halo wearable blanket. He falls asleep much faster being swaddled though since he likes to play with his hands and keep them up by his face. 
  • We still swaddle. She goes right to sleep as soon as she gets swaddled at night
  • LO is 11 weeks and we were swaddling until last night. We tried a zipadeezip and it went okay. She slept 9 hours instead of 11, but that's better than when we tried to swaddle with both arms out. She's not showing signs of rolling over, but has seemed more upset than she was when we tried to swaddle her up.
  • @kinnonam my daughter is the same, she likes to be wrapped from the chest down and sleep with her arms over her head! If we don't wrap her at all she has a hard time staying asleep, she likes having a little cover. 

  • Found the little guy sleeping like this the other night. Glad we decided to stop swaddling, just In case he rolls over. I think he will be rolling to his side for a bit though before he finally rolls all the way over.

    P.S. His head appears super flat in the back, but it's just his hair cowlick making it look like that. It's not flat like that! 
  • I've been swaddling my LO with his arms out for about 3-4 weeks now (since he hit 3 months). I had noticed that he would constantly break his arms out of his blankets when I tried to keep them wrapped. He hates having his hands covered now!

  • mommaz1mommaz1 member
    @robinj716 - my little guy has that same hair issue! I find myself rubbing his head just to reassure myself! 
  • @mommaz1 glad I'm not the only one that does that!!! 
  • Girlfriend is 14 weeks old and the last two nights I put her to bed unswaddled. The first night was because she just fell asleep way earlier than I thought, wouldn't wake to feed again, and it was so hot. She slept 9.5 hours and only woke because DH was getting dressed so loudly. Last night I just wanted to see how she'd do and it was super hot again. Still slept well. Yesterday I put her for a nap in her crib sans swaddle because she was so hot, and she slept for a couple hours. I guess she doesn't need my swaddling anymore. I assume she may though when she gets in the pack n play for sleep when she can't use the rock n play anymore.
  • 4N6s4N6s member
    My baby was is a swaddleme from 4-14 weeks and now she's in a halo sleep sacks with arms out. We didn't have any issues transitioning, slept just as long. Yay 
  • Our LO was doing great in the halo sleepsack swaddle, waking up once a night. Out of the blue he just started rolling from back to belly this week so we've stopped swaddling his arms. We haven't slept since then! We got a zippadee zip and that hasn't helped either. I'm at a loss at what to try next but 4 hours of sleep a night is catching up. Anyone else having that issue or found a way to overcome it?
  • My LO is 18 wks and we are still swaddling! He won't fall asleep without it. I tried a few weeks ago and he was up every few hours. He hasn't mastered rolling yet so we just keep wrapping him up!  

    @chilady12 some people swear by Merlins Magic sleep suits- maybe try that? I borrowed one from a friend but my guy is so big and long, I think I need to get the bigger size for it to work. Or he just still needs to be swaddled right now .... Babies are such a guessing game.
  • May have to try the Merlin - this baby and his parents need some sleep! 
  • Once DD started rolling over, we stopped swaddling altogether and it took about week for her to adjust and get used to no swaddle and waking up on her tummy.  She was waking up upset because she was on her tummy.  Now she rolls over and falls right asleep.  She's slept through the night for the last 5 nights.  @chillady Maybe it will just take a little 
  • So, in my post above I talkedabout the Zipadee Zip at 11 weeks. I have that up after 3 nights of progressively less sleep and went back to the swaddle. We tried again at 13 weeks and she transitioned very easily! She now loves her zippy and I'm likely going to buy another one!
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