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Baby refuses formula

forgive me if this question is posted already I'm sleep deprived and desperate:)
I have exclusively breastfed since birth. But have been wanting to slowly transition to formula. LO takes a bottle well (of expressed breast milk) when I'm out out or away from him. The last couple nights I have had my husband try and give him a formula bottle before bed in hopes of getting him to sleep a stretch. He's waking every two hours and I'm exhausted. I've got four boys. 
Well he absolutely refuses the formula, crying and screaming. I don't let it go on but a few minutes before I give in and nurse. 
I am feeling discouraged that I won't be able to transition him. Has anyone had success with this in a baby that first refused? Any tips will help! Did you mix breast milk and formula? 
My other boys had no problems at all going between breast milk and formula so this has me stumped.

Re: Baby refuses formula

  • Is it a temperature thing? If it's at room temperature, maybe it's not warm enough for his liking. I don't know! I have heard of people gradually transitioning by mixing breastmilk and formula. 

    I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions. Hugs.
  • We have it warm. Tried last night mixing 2 ounces of breast milk with one ounce of formula he would not drink it at all!!! And he drinks expressed breast milk from a bottle all the time no problem. So it's not a bottle thing. I'm very discouraged. 
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  • Have you tried a different formula? Maybe he doesn't like the taste.
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    I'm having the same issue, my son drinks the bottle with my milk but not the formula:(
  • Oh, that's really frustrating. I suggest you get the prescription of a pediatrician to determine which formula milk has the nearest resemblance to breast milk. There are infants that cries when given breast milk which is quite the opposite. 
  • It could be the brand  of formula. I'm sure they don't all taste the same. 
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