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Breastfeeding and latching

Has anyone used a medela contact nipple shield? I can not get my little girl to latch on right even after watching videos and reading everything I can read. I've tried different positions and still nothing. My nipples hurt so bad but the shield works perfect and my baby is happy. 

Re: Breastfeeding and latching

  • I used it for four months bc of inverted nipples. One day I tried to latch DS without it bc I was in another room and we haven't used it since! It was great for us but our LC did warn against decreased supply especially as your LO gets older. I've noticed he's so much quicker without it...but it was great while we struggled with latching
  • I've been using one since DD was two days old, it was the only way I could get her to latch as I have flat nipples.  I have tried to get her to latch without it, having a little success but we still need it at this point so I'm still using it.  She's now two weeks old.
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  • I used one for the first year with my oldest daughter due to having latch issues. Never had any issues with supply. I loved it. I used it for the first month with my second baby. They are great resources to use!
  • If you need it use it! 

    I find when my latch hurts it's because I haven't got enough boob in baby's mouth. A latch might look fine, but you shouldn't have lipstick nipple when baby's done. If you have a La Leche League in your area they can help you out. They're awesome and saved my bacon when I had major latch issues with my first.
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