Staying in a hotel with toddlers

We're supposed to visit some relatives that live over 8 hours away. We'd stay at their house but it's full and we'd be sleeping on an air mattress. It will also be complete chaos.

We're going to look for a two room suite somewhere. Are their any tips or tricks anyone has to help a 2 year old in a car for that long and then to sleep in a new place not in their own bed?

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Re: Staying in a hotel with toddlers

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    We've been traveling a lot with our DS since he was born (he's soon 4 years). We would play children's songs and audiobooks as well as sing for and together with him. We also have a DVD player so he can watch cartoons (only for a limited time). He would bring a few selected toys he played with (a stuffed animal, cars etc). We also would start the driving around the time of his naps (when he was still napping) so that he would sleep in the car for a while. Or sometimes we even drove at night so he would be mostly asleep. Be prepared for some extra "pit stops" so LO can get out of the car to stretch and burn off some energy. Keep some snacks and beverages you know LO likes at hand and preferably are easy to eat/drink in the car. Don't forget wet wipes and tissues. As for sleeping in a new bed we co-slept so it usually wasn't that hard, but we always brought his favourite stuffed animal and book(s). He often falls asleep while being read to. Hope some of this was helpful. Wish you good luck and a nice trip
  • 8 hours is tough. My advice would be to get a really early start so that he can sleep through a lot of it. Then have an iPad with some movies he can watch. Take a long break to stop somewhere before his afternoon nap (assuming he still takes one). Find a park he can run around in for a while, or maybe stop at a McDonald's with a play land. Then he can sleep for a good portion in the afternoon as well. The hotel situation should be fine if you're getting a suite. I found that my kids had no trouble sleeping in a hotel as long as I brought their favorite blankie, stuffy, whatever they usually sleep with. 
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  • I've been traveling with my now 4 year old since she was born, and almost never under 8 hours.  Snacks and music is always good. We stop every 2/2 and a half hours to get out and stretch, eat, run around.  I've always made busy bag activities, had coloring stuff, and in the last hour or 2, did a movie or iPad.  We play games, I spy or I see something you don't see. Variations since we are moving, such as "tell me when you find something that is green", etc.  We all took road trips as kids without TV and such, our kids can do it too lol as for sleeping, in hotels I did pack n play next to bed until she got too big, now she just sleeps in bed with me/hubby.  At someone's house, I just make sure she is super wore out before bedtime and she falls asleep pretty quick. I make sure she knows where the bathroom is/steps are/where I will be. 
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