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Friend outing this weekend was fun but awkward.

Since we've had the twins our friends have been a little scarce. Their kids are all older and in sports so it's tough to connect. We went to a 40th birthday this weekend. It was fun. Everyone wants to see us or "get together" but it can be tough because their kids are all older. A few friends even offered their kids babysitting services. super nice.

My question is...when you get together do you find that all of your kids friends play together nicely but you're kind of a 3rd wheel when yours are still in diapers? Is it awkward?

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Re: Friend outing this weekend was fun but awkward.

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    I think I'm already used to being the odd one going to watch our friend's kids sporting events without kids of our own, so it's actually less awkward now. :) 
    I think we've also naturally been hanging out more with the friends who have the youngest kids. We just had LO's first b-day party and the ages our friend's kids ranged from 1 - 8. The older girls still enjoy playing with the baby but I do worry that eventually that dynamic will shift as LO is less of a baby, and they are more teenager. 

    Anyway, your friends are probably genuine about wanting to hang out, so I'm sure you'll figure out how to make it work!
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  • Fiance and I kinda take turns going out with friends. Hardly anyone has kids, let alone kids our daughter's age, so it works out okay, I guess.
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  • We try to have BBQ or dinner at our house every other week. Sometimes just once a month. That way our kids can visit for a bit & go to bed early while we still can visit using baby monitors. 
  • I think we're going to try and plan a grill out with everyone at our house and see what happens. I ir all works out I'm excited! 

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    We no longer socialize with friends who have no kids. Not out of meanness or anything. They just have different interests, prerogatives, schedules, etc. 
    Luckily we made a ton of friends in our neighborhood who do have kids our kids' age, and most of our long time friends DO have kids now so everyone is on the same page... Cookouts on the weekend, start at 4pm end around 8 so kids can go to sleep, everyone works around naptimes and is used to tired meltdowns... Pool, splashpad, park, playground, bday parties... No fancy outings or late and loud concerts. I'm fine with that. 
    Honestly even if someone did offer to babysit so I could go out late to party, I would decline. I am too tired in the evening to do anything after 8-9pm. If I did go out, i would be yawning and then I would have a steep price to pay the next day, bc you know those monkeys never slow down and they'll be at 100% while I drag my feet...

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