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IVF success stories?

I'm going to be starting IVF next month and would love to know how many women have had first time success with IVF. We have been trying for over a year with 5 failed iui's and I had polyps removed in may. I'm 36 and my hubby is 33.  I have an Unexplained infertility. My docs seem pretty confident that it will be ok. Anyway, one of my friend says this morning that generally the first cycle isn't successful. This has upset me all day.  

After the guidance of experts at Fertlity Solutions Sunshine Coast I am felling much better and relaxed but still I want to hear success stories from you people.
Any success stories would be appreciated. It really helps stay positive. 

Thanks in advance :) 

Re: IVF success stories?

  • LynnNJLynnNJ member
    Hi. Just got my bfp a week ago after my first fet. I'm 42 and almost 2 years ago I was told that ivf was the only way I'd likely have success because my egg quality and supply was borderline. There were no issues on my dh's side. 

    There's much more to the story that caused a delay for a year. Because of my age,  we wanted to get as many embryos as we could right away,  so I did 3 back to back ERs. We also paid a lot for the pgd testing with eliminated embryos that would not have becks a pregnancy.  We were left with 5 normal  embryos. When i had my 2nd saline sonogram before transferring, I was told I had polyps,  which needed to be removed.  After going through a myomectomy last year,  it was no big deal.  I also met with a nutritionist at the clinic who told me what I could eat and avoid to get my uterus in good shape. I was supposed to have foods that were anti-inflammatory. She also gave me options to lower my sugar. I also kept up with my exercising. 

    On the day of transfer,  I had lazer acupuncture right before and after. I don't know if the acupuncture and diet changed the outcome,  but it couldn't hurt. I know the decision to have the hysteroscopy and myomectomy was necessary.  Even though it was a lot  of money, the pgd testing saved me from putting in genetically abnormal embryos.  I had about 12 to 14 embryos, but only 5 were normal. (Over 3 cycles)

    Even though we did everything right, I was still shocked by the good news. I figured with delay after delay (even my 1st fet had to be canceled) I set myself up for bad news.  

    Good luck. Hope this helps.   
  • Kp214Kp214 member
    Thank you for sharing your success story. DH and I are taking a break until September (to give supplements time to work). When AF arrived today, I was sad, even though there's almost 0 chance of us conceiving naturally. This came at a good time. 

    Congratulations!  I hope it's a smooth pregnancy and delivery. 
    Me:32 DH:36
    Me: DOR, poor egg quality, MTHFR
    DH: MFI
    TTC since 3/2014
    2015: 3 IUI's-BFN
    12/2015: 1st IVF cycle-(9 follicles retrieved, 5 mature, 3 fertilized w/ICSI, transferred 1 excellent and 1 good embryo on day 3)-chemical pregnancy
    3/2016: 2nd IVF cycle- canceled (3 follicles retrieved, 3 mature, all fertilized w/ICSI, 1 fragmented, 2 arrested) 
    3/2016: RE suggested donor eggs- taking an ivf break and to supplement 
    9/2016: 3rd ivf cycle-cancelled due to early ovulation
    Oct./Nov 2016: 4th ivf cycle- EPP-AFC:5, retrieved 10, 10 mature, 8 fertilized with ICSI, 6 blastocysts biopsied and frozen. 3 CCS normal embryos
    1/9/17: transferred 1 embryo-BFP 1/16
    1/18/17: beta #1-104
    1/20/17: beta #2-174
    2/2/17: first u/s, heartbeat of 107 at 6w1d
    7/20/17: baby boy born at 30+3 via emergency c-section 

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  • Mamagator82Mamagator82 member
    edited June 2016
    I concieved after my first FET as well, last year. I had a complication and lost that pregnancy at 8 weeks. I have since had 2 more FET's. The second was a chemical and the third we were successful and I am 7 weeks pregnant today. I am praying for a healthy pregnancy! Even though it took us 3 tries I technically became pregnant each time. I had never been pregnant before IVF. There is hope for you and a good chance the first will work.
  • I'm 33 and the DH is 38, male factor + I have a low AMH.  We conceived on our first round of IVF, and are 15 weeks today
  • I'm 29 and DH is 29. I have pcos. We concieved on our second FET and I'm 16 weeks! Good luck on your journey and don't get discouraged if it doesn't work the first time
  • @RachelJimmyKing u give me hope i have been so depressed thinking i will never have kids i am on the verge of giving up it a heartache my amh is .39   
  • We just did our 1st round of ivf due to mfi. Dh 39 me 37. We are 8 weeks 6 days today. Keep your head up it will happen! :-) 
  • These success stories are awesome. Congratulations everyone. 

    We got pregnant on our very first transfer. The very first one!!!!! I have a healthy, adorable 9 month old boy. (He's not too happy right now though, teething). 

    I also got pregnant on our second transfer (we are trying for #2 already). Unfortunately it ended as a chemical pregnancy which I took very hard. We are currently scheduled for another FET in September. 

    So even though it may not be likely you'll get pregnant the first time, it is definitely possible. Good luck to you. 
  • Hello! I was successful with my first FET. We did PGS testing, and 3 out of 7 embryos were normal. The first one took and I'm 7 weeks, 4 days today!
    Married Jan. 2014
    Me:36 DH: 39
    TTC since August 2014, Mild PCOS + uterine fibroids
    Myomectomy June 2015- 18 fibroids removed
    IVF #1, May 2016 = 32 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized, 7 frozen, 3 PGS normal
    FET#2, July 2016 = one embryo transferred 
    BFP! Beta = 617
    Due date = 4/9/17
    Delivery date = 3/20/17
  • We also got pregnant from our first FET with pgs and I only had 5 eggs, only three fertilized, two made it to day 5 and  one passed pgs. It only takes one :) my little man will be three weeks tomorrow. 
  • I got pregnant with a fresh transfer IVF. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 9weeks, but I haven't lost all hope! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
    Me: 35 DOR, low AMH = 0.694, and fibroids
    DH: 41 
    Married 10/25/2014 / TTC since 05/2015
    1st IUI 05/05/16 Letrozole 7.5 mg CD 3-11 + Ovidrel = BFN
    2nd cycle on Letrozole 7.5 mg CD 3-11 + TI = BFN
    3rd cycle on Letrozole but did our 2nd IUI on 07/01/16. 10 mg CD 3-11 + Ovidrel = BFN
    Onto IVF! Started Lupron on 09/24. Added Gonal F and hcg injections 09/26...... Trigger 10/07. EggRetrieval 10/09. Starting PIO, Estrace, and Medrol 10/10/16. Transferred 2 "strong/beautiful" embryos 10/14/16. Beta 10/28/16 = 998 mIU/mL = BFP with one baby, but miscarried at 9w5d.
    D&C on 12/06/17 and started taking BCPs 01/10/17 for the next IVF Cycle, which officially began stims on 02/18/17.
    Fast Forward: we got 4 fertilized embryos from that cycle. Transferred one fresh, but it did not stick, so we have 3 frozen embryos currently. Went in to the fertility clinic in July to talk about a FET of one of those three frozen embryos, but a new fibroid was discovered, and I was not cleared to do the transfer until I had fibroid removal surgery.
    08/11/17 had a mini-laparotomy / myomectomy to remove 6 fibroids, largest sized were the size of golf-balls! Once we were cleared to go about our normal lives (sex!) I got pregnant NATURALLY but it was a chemical pregnancy. The very next month we had another BFP and here we are now with a baby on the way! A TOTAL AND COMPLETE MIRACLE!
    Watch our YouTube Channel Vlog Here!

  • I'll find out tomorrow :) but 4 pregnancy tests all positive are giving me hope. I'm cramping and spotting so I'm aware of chemical but even still, after 2 years, finally seeing a positive was surreal. My daughter was luck but IVF attempt for the second time around.

    I have 4 friends who went through IVF (I'm part of a local moms group, shows infertility is common!) Only one wasn't successful on the first try, and she had success on her second FET. My doctor did say that a fresh transfer can be hit or miss as your body just went through a lot with stimulation meds, why many opt to go straight for frozen. But overall I've heard great success stories :)
  • MammaZMammaZ member
    edited April 2017
    We were successful with our very first fresh IVF cycle.  I had a day 3 transfer.  Transferred 2 embies, and one implanted.  Beta was low and barely doubled (45 to 91).  But it resulted in DS.
    2nd ectopic resulted in loss of tube. HSG revealed remaining tube is "severely torqued".
    IVF #1: ER 03/29/10; ET 04/01/10: transferred 2 embies; Beta #1 (9dp3dt)- 45; Beta #2 (11dp3dt)- 91= BFP 
    FET#1: ET 04/18/12: transferred 4 embies; Beta #1: >2 = BFN
    IVF #2: ER 06/20/12; ET 6/25/12: transferred 2 embies; Beta #1 on 7/5/12= BFN 
    8/16: hysteroscopy for uterine polyp removal
    11/11: hysteroscopy #2 for yet another uterine polyp removal
    FET#2: ET 12/15/12: transferred 3 embies; Beta #1 (9dp5dt): 12/24/12: 426; Beta #2 (11dp5dt): 12/26/12: 845= BFP
    u/s 1/9= triplets!; miscarried all three on 1/10/13...
    IVF#3: ER 03/30/17; ET 4/4/17: transferred 1 grade 5AA embryo; Beta #1 (9dp5dt): 4/13/17= 15; Beta #2: 4/17/17: BFN
  • I did a fresh cycle in February. It was our first IVF cycle after trying for 2 years with one loss. I'm currently 10 weeks and things are going great. Good luck! 
  • KLake42KLake42 member
    I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to add my story. 

    First, I had some unsuccessful IVFs. Tried twice, both times cancelled for poor response.

    Then we decided to try with my wife's eggs, my uterus.  She's 38, but had a solid response with 10 eggs, 7 fertilized, and 4 made it to blast. We transferred two and froze two, and I'm now 5 weeks pregnant.

    We both cut out alcohol and cut way down on sugar (and we both lost about ten pounds in the months before the cycle). At the transfer, she told me a ton of ridiculous jokes, and I watched funny cat videos and baby videos on the drive home (there's an Israeli study that laughter after IVF increases success). I ate the pineapple core, and tried to watch funny things throughout the TWW.

    I got my BFP the day I turned 40.

    It's still early, obviously, but I'm so happy to be here.
    Me- 39 (turning 40 in April), TTC for the first time ever (since Jan 2015), low ovarian reserve
    Married 3/14/14 to my wonderful wife, but her sperm count is rather low
    TTC with frozen donor sperm and science

    7 IUIs, 7 BFNs.
    2 IVF attempts, both cancelled and converted to IUI, both BFNs.
    Decided that my tired old ovaries are ready to retire.
    Next step- reciprocal IVF, using my wife's eggs, my uterus!  
    fresh 5 day transfer (2 embryos) 4/17/17- BFP! 
    Identical twins "due" 1/2/17 (but anticipated arrival sometime December)

  • Hello. I've gone through three attempts of IVF. The first two attempts were unsuccessful. But I'm glad that I got pregnant after the third try. I desperately wanted to have kids. And my dream came true. I'm really glad that I didn't give up. But it doesn't mean that the first IVF attempt is always unsuccessful. I know a lot of women, who got pregnant from the first IVF try. I met them in our reproduction center. So, every woman is different. No one can tell you for sure if you have success or not. You should stay positive whatever happens. You will get pregnant when the right time comes. Don't listen to your friend. I'm sure you will be fine. 

  • It looks like it’s an old post but I just wanted to share my story. It has been a long and bumpy road for me but I’m finally 28 weeks pregnant from my 7th IVF frozen cycle (2 fresh and 5 FET). I’m currently 32 and started trying when I was 29. First 3 cycles were in NYU Langone fertility center and from these 3 I had one misscarage at 6 weeks and a chemical. They found no issues with my health/hormones, I had great quality embryos, they just concluded that I was super unlucky. Finally after 3rd failed attempt they did endometrial biopsy and found inflammation. After a months and a half on all kinds of antibiotics and three more biopsies the inflammation was still present. Then my NYU doctor told me “I don’t know”. Then I decided to pick my remaining embryos and go to SIRM. Have to say it was a much better experience there from the very begging. They suspected a mild form of endometriosis (however I had no symptoms). We decided that is not worth it to do operation to confirm. I had another failed fresh cycle and then they added letrozole to my next FET and I got BFP with twins. Unfortunately another misscariage at around 7 weeks. I did analysis that showed both embryos were normal. Then 3 months of lupron followed to reset my endometrium. Then another failed FET with letrozole. Then my doctor at that time left SIRM and I got new dr Oehninger by default. For my next FET (succeful!!!) to letrozole he added prednisone 10mg a day, lovenox 30ml and baby aspirin. Also a week before transfer he told me that my TSH was a little high at 4.1 ( no one checked my TSH before transfer before!) and gave me 50mg of synthroid. We transferred two embryos and I got my BFP! Continued with prednisone till 10 weeks, still taking lovenox, synthroid and baby aspirin. They had to increase my synthroid to 75mg as at around 6 weeks preganant as my TSH started climbing back up. Also dr Oehninger was the first who told me to wait 3 more days till starting progesterone before transfer. Usually I would go in on day 12 and my lining was thick enough and they would start me on progesterone. I was surprised that Dr O told me to wait. Anyway I’m very grateful that finally I’m preganant:)
  • ChristineJones21 Thanks so much for sharing your story.  Fantastic information about tests and what worked, and what unfortunately didn't. 
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