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Any hypotension sufferers?

I have been feeling like utter crap today, turns out my bp is 94/79. I am normally low anywhere between 100-118 over usually 60 to 72. After reading all the symptoms of hypotension I'm assuming that's why I feel so bad. Those who suffer from hypotension what "remedies" if you will do you use?  I have been drinking water and eating salty things.

Re: Any hypotension sufferers?

  • I've always had low blood pressure prior to pregnancy, and guess what my blood pressure became even lower while pregnant. the lowest I've had was 90/54. the only thing that worked for me is lying down and taking a break from what I'm doing . of course drinking water helps if you are dehydrated. my doctor has suggested having a sugary snack, but that hasn't proven helpful so far. did you get your iron checked? sometimes anemia compounds the symptoms. 
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    Thanks for the response! I had a draw in the hospital on Friday I will check with my office today and see if my iron was checked.
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  • I have hypotension (diagnosed by OB about 3 months ago). When I feel my blood pressure drop and I start getting that crummy feeling, I have to immediately stop what I'm doing and lay down, generally on my left side. Thankfully I'm usually at home or somewhere that I can do this. There have been a few instances where I almost passed out though, so you do have to be very careful. One time I had just gotten in the shower (luke-warm temperature) and within 30 seconds I knew something was going to happen. I immediately got out of the shower, soaking wet, and just laid on a rug on the floor for about 10-15 minutes until the feeling passed. Not my finest moment, but I knew if I tried to keep showering, I would have passed out and who knows what could have happened. This has almost happened to me at work a few times as well.
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    I've always had fairly low blood pressure and so has my mom. My mom always ran even lower while pregnant which seems to be the case for me too. Last doctors visit I was 100/51 and they weren't concerned. They said it's better to be low than high. I have felt fine. Sorry this probably isn't much help.
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    Mine us usually slightly low to low normal, but high blood pressure runs in my family.  Because of that, I know that, even though yours wasn't that low compared to some people (my last one Thursday was pretty typical at this point and 100/70) you can feel symptoms if it's low for you.  When people first start blood pressure meds, they can feel pretty weird/hypotensive even when it drops back to normal range.  Mine gets low at times (90/60) and I can feel a little woozy/lightheaded.  I also have to be really careful at this point with the bending over then standing up too fast because that can go really wrong.  If you can, sit down, put your feet up and take a few deep breaths, drink water, etc.  But also know that unless it's really low, it's unlikely to be dangerous, it's more another "magical" part of pregnancy.  I also haven't had much luck with what I eat making a difference in blood pressure, it's usually just taking a minute to sit still and rest. 
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