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Did anyone baptize their LO yet? 

Re: Baptism

  • Our son's is June 5th.
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  • Yes, in April. 
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  • melturzmelturz member
    Yes, Bennet was baptized on April 10th. He even wore the same outfit that his Daddy wore for his baptism
  • DS had his May 1st!
  • @melturz Masie was baptized on April 10th too and she wore the gown that my mother in law made for her two daughters.  It was very vintage and I loved it!
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    Anyone have their baby baptized catholic? I want my brother/sister in law to be his godparents but my sister in law isn't catholic. Anyone have experience with that? I honestly haven't been to church in a while because we are military and move a lot but still want him baptized but since we don't currently belong to a church I don't even know where to start! 
  • nackienackie member
    @kaym6 you'll have to check with your local parish.  Some dioceses are more strict than others.  That's the reason we haven't gotten DS baptized yet- we can't find anyone we're close to that satisfies the rules for ours.  My mom was shocked when I told her the requirements and said they were much loser in her diocese.
  • @kaym6 yes. We're Catholic. My brother is the godfather, also Catholic but the godmother, my sister in law is not Catholic. In the eyes of my church she is just a "Christian witness" so technically she is not the godmother. She is just a witness to my daughter being baptized. 
  • krrpe99krrpe99 member
    @kaym6 You only need one godparent to be a Catholic in good standing. And like it was said above, the other can be a Christian witness. I come from about the most conservative parish you can find, and they even go by those rules.
     Here's my little munchkin on her 2 month birthday. She did great!

  • kaym6kaym6 member
    Thanks everyone! Was it awkward having them referred to as a Christian witness and not a godparent by the church? I just don't want to make her uncomfortable! 
  • We baptized baby back in April in Catholic Church. Godfather is Catholic (like me), Godmother is Armenian Apostolic like my husband.  The Church acknowledged them both as godparents.  The baptism was in Massachusetts, I do think some of those churches are a little looser with the requirements. 

    @kaym6Although I go to church regularly, we did the baptism at a church in a different state to be closer to family. I just researched parishes and called.  They did not give me any issues over the fact that we weren't parishioners, did not ask for any money, let us do the baptism class for free and gave us a prayer shawl.  Who knows you might just find a parish you want to keep going back to after!
  • kodariahkodariah member
    edited May 2016
    In my church we bless babies. His blessing was April 10th. He was amazing, I was scared he was going to be so grumpy cause with all the family around that morning he didn't get to eat before church but I was so proud cause he was perfect at church and at the family lunch after! It was a great day :)
  • We don't plan to baptize either child until they're older and can understand what it means. We did though dedicate our son and daughter ( son is 3 1/2 and daughter is 4 months), on Mother's Day at our church
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    @ChrissyD1203 that's what I was hoping! Thanks :) we live out of state from family so I've also thought about doing it at our church back home hmmm decisions decisions! Lol 
  • We are Catholic and neither of our chosen godparents had been confirmed so we actually had to have one more person who was confirmed.  Now our daughter has 3 godparents which is fine by us :smile: 
  • hnullhnull member
    From February group. We got our daughter baptized May 8th. Our parish is so small (25-30  maybe about 40-45 people total number that's on big holidays where the parishioners who don't normally come Sunday's come ). My husbands family is Catholic so I just converted this last year. We used his aunt as her Godparent, because all the other people that could be her godparent(s) that fit the requirement we are not  It super close with. In reality, if something happens to my husband and I my sister will be taking care of our daughter but she promised to take her to Catholic Church. 

  • cyanopecyanope member
    Like a PP, my church also doesn't baptize Lo's as babies. We have "blessings." We blessed Wren back in April. It was amazing, and LO did SO well! She wore the dress that I was blessed in when I was a wee one. Both of our MASSIVE families came together for the event, and it is definitely a memory that I will hold onto forever! 
  • mbud926mbud926 member
    Liam had his baptism yesterday and did really well! He waited until the end of mass to have a massive blow out in his adorable white suit! 

  • adcc43adcc43 member
    edited May 2016
    We have it planned for end of June.  There is a baptism gown that is used in my husbands family.  George will be the 17th child to be baptized in it.  H's grandma made it for her first grandchild and everyone has worn it since.  This will be the first baptism after her passing.  



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