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Looks like i'm out this month :(

Hey ladies..

hope you are all good. Still learning the lingo and do's and donts of the forum. Well I did my pregnancy test today and it's a big fat NOT PREGNANT.. I knew it I just had a feeling but did one anyway and feel so sad and defeated. Trying to keep my mind occupied and think theres always next month, buut easier said then done for sure. Hope you are all doing great. and I want to thank you ladies for taking the time to accept me in and give the support and help you have

Re: Looks like i'm out this month :(

  • You know your body best, but as one of my good friends (who has struggled with getting pregnant in the past) has told me - you're not out until you're out. From what I understand each pregnancy a woman has can be very different - sometimes you get an early BFP and other times it may take longer. 

    Because you mention still learning the ins and outs of the forum, this sort of post would also work quite well in the TWW thread. That is also where a lot of us will eventually post our BFPs - I mention that as a heads up in case it is a trigger for you. But please take this as a kind advisement from a friend, rather than a scolding or correction. 

    Hugs for the hard day - or days - that you are experiencing. I hope you can do something for yourself today. You may not feel like it - but I find that if I push myself to do something I enjoy sometimes it can pull my mood up. It could be worth a try.
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  • I'm so Sorry! I feel your pain! I'm 10dpo and got  a BFN this am on a FRPT. Feel like I'm out for the month too. I know it's not over till AF shows up,  I just have this strong 6th sense that I'm out. Just such a bummer bc there is only one more month before my original due date and till my husband turns 40. I'm really starting to feel my age and my biological clock ticking away today. My husband has had in his vision board since we got married 2 years ago to have a kid by the time he's 40... Now I feel like I'm really letting him down (even though I know it's not really my fault, a SA may be due for his 40th bday present) 
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  • @BaylieGirl ;ughhhhh still no AF but BFN for sure, I feel like I am being tortured this month. PMS super bad and I just want AF to come and be done and over with. Oh and to make things better a friend of mine text me the other night saying guess what ... shes pregnant,,,,, just a stab to the heart. I know I should fr sure be happy for her but of course she has not been trying and she knows what I been going through. This month or actually last few weeks just miserable. I hope you are hanging in there 
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