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Breastfeeding after a year

My DD is approaching her first birthday and LOVES her finger foods. She is really cutting back on nursing now but I'm hoping to at least get her to two years of nursing. My first DD was done nursing just after a year because the flow wasn't fast enough and she too, loved feeding herself finger foods. Any tips to keep her going would be greatly appreciated. I just really want to keep her going due to her milk allergy. TIA!

Re: Breastfeeding after a year

  • welll my little one cut down on nursing a lot once he started solids, but he still kept up a small amount for another 14 months or so. i think you really have to just go with his flow, keeping in mind that you dont have to start giving him milk once he's weaned. i wouldn't worry about his milk allergy at all. it's a bit of a myth that they must start on cow's milk as soon as they finish nursing. mine just drank water for a long time, and only recently (at 3 1/2) has he begun asking for milk sometimes.
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