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My child.....

Has been a complete terror the past two days.. To the point where I'm taking him to the doctor in an hour to make sure he's not sick. 
Hes never been one to cry and cry and cry until now. 
He had his 4 month shots on Tuesday since then he has:
- been constipated
- fought sleep 
- cried non stop 
- been pushing away bottles but wanting to eat 
- warm  to the touch but no fever 
- only wants to be held (clingy)
I'm seriously worried about him, I know he's teething so that could be an issue, but he's NEVER been this way. 

Anyone else had a similar reaction after 4 month shots 

Re: My child.....

  • denaebdenaeb member
    My LO was similar after her vaccines last Thursday. Sleep went to hell, fussy and grumpy, acting hungry but refusing to eat. It took a couple days to build to it also. The day of and day after she was not herself but not bad. It all kind of climaxed Monday night and Tuesday and she's been pretty much fine since. 
  • Honestly it sounds like a mental leap and it's just something you'll have to get through. There's one that happens around 4 months and is supposed to be terrible (it's not just a sleep regression). It's probably just a coincidence that this behavior started happening after the shots. Hopefully the dr can give more insight!
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  • Mines been the same way. Clingy. Fights naps so bad that this morning she was up at 7 and I couldnt get her to nap until 1130.. Shes even gone from a 10-12 hour a night sleeper to waking up at midnight and staying awake for 3 hours. I would be concerned that it was the shots too IF it didnt start the night before the shots. So I'm thinking its either a) a growth spurt that I believe they have at 4 months. B) mental leap c) sleep regression or d) teething. Or hell its probaby all of the above combined to make a devil child. 
  • @carlyhammond what did your doctor say?
  • He just wants attention :-/ 
    also teething, so I'm hoping this will go away soon.. 
    SO and I both work so him wanting attention makes me sad :(
  • @carlyhammond  aw yeah I feel thats how mine is right now too. I read that sometimes they wake up and cry because they miss you. Broke my heart when it said that! Did your pedi mention anything about the 4 month sleep regression?
  • The 19th week's leap symptoms can start after 14 weeks. Except for the constipation everything else is a leap symptom. 
  • Mine will be 4 months tomorrow and has her shots on the 18th, but I have definately noticed her being a lot fussier than normal. She's just waking up a little ealier, around 3:30. I think she's teething or going through the 4 month leap.
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  • BarrettJ89BarrettJ89 member
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    My LO has been insanely clingy. As in, screaming if I don't hold her. She doesn't want to be in her activities gym or on her play mat... just held. And her sleep went to total crap. 

    Anyone else's LO seem to be in snack mode? She wants a few sips here, a couple ounces there, but screams as if she hasn't been fed in a month every time! I'm wasting formula like crazy! 

    Edit: feeding a wiggle worm and typing is hard
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