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reflux? allergies? i give up.

Hi! My boy was born in January, he is 4.5 months. He was diagnosed with reflux, a milk allergy, and laryngomalacia at about a month old, as he spit up a lot, had a constant dry cough, and had a stridor. He has had a rash on his neck and chin for a couple of weeks now. Last Thursday we had his 4 month check up and the doctor said the rash was just a heat rash getting aggravated from him spitting up. The rash has spread some at this point, he is coughing more (dry cough, no wheezing), has been spitting up (puking almost) significantly more, rubbing his eyes (but he just discovered how to use his hands to do things!) and has been giving us trouble when it is time to sleep for the past few days (he was sleeping through the night, no problem). The weather has finally broke where I'm located, and allergies for everyone are in full force. I haven't yet taken him to be seen by the doctor again because he isn't having trouble breathing, has not had a fever, is still eating, is still wetting diapers, and is his usual happy goofy self. I guess I'm just looking for anyone who has been in a similar situation to weigh in. Can 4 month olds have seasonal allergies? Is it normal for reflux to peak at about 4 months? 

Re: reflux? allergies? i give up.

  • The one thing I can comment on is the sleep. There is a 4 month sleep regression that is pretty nasty so that might be to blame for the new wake up's.

    Can you make an appt with an allergist?

  • My 4.5 month old is suddenly rubbing her eyes a lot and on off congested w a minor dry cough. No spitting up though. And sleep about the same. Fussier when we put her down at night. I definitely think they can have allergies though. 
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