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Preterm labor

I'm 29 weeks and I've had a FFN swab come back positive last week and was admitted and given steroid shots for the baby's lungs they checked my cervix on Sunday and it was "long and closed" .

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon we went back to L&D because of contractions that wouldn't go away. They checked my cervix again and told me that I needed an ultrasound to see exactly the length because it "felt short" to that midwife. 
My cervix is 2.5 cm long. Is this normal? 
And has anyone else had this and still carried and delivered at term?
I'm a FTM and I'm terrified that my baby girl is going to be way too early. 

Re: Preterm labor

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    best wishes to keep baby inside as long as possible. I know my SIL was on progesterone due to a history of premature labor.
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    I also had a positive ffn test. I went in thinking I had kidney stones (because I have a horrible history with them) No pain up front except maybe a mild crampy feeling, just extreme back pain. When I got to the hospital, which I stubbornly insisted on driving there by myself... I was told, yay, preterm labor. Contractions every two minutes (although I didn't feel them) and I was having "back labor"! That was last Thursday. I was given brethine multiple times until the contractions slowed, I had dilated just 2cm with a still long cervix. So they sent me home the next day on bed rest. Here I am now 30 weeks 4 days, up since 3am having back labor again, contractions almost non stop. Little one is way too eager to get here... So I guess the ffn test can prove truthful sometimes. Best of luck, I hope your LO holds out for you!
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    @KirstenKoskey Hope everything is ok and they can convince that baby to stay put a while longer!!
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    @KirstenKoskey yikes! Get your butt back to L&D! Hope your LO can bake a bit more! 
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