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Any October babies not crawling yet?

Do any of you mamas have babies not crawling yet? 
My little man is 7 months 1 week and just flails on the ground like a wet bird! 
I thought at least he would be army crawling by now but nope. 

Re: Any October babies not crawling yet?

  • Same here and same age! She just rolls and rolls ... No crawl though!
  • Were sort of crawling..but not really...its more of a scootch. Just started getting onto her hand and knees...
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  • No crawling here either.. She's just over 7 months too. She rolls to wherever she wants to be hahah
  • Same here! Just lays there like a beached whale. He hardly makes an attempt to push up on his arms. But he loves standing. Maybe he will skip crawling altogether.
  • BHern87BHern87 member
    Mine will be 7 month old on the 20th. Currently she just rolls and scoots backwards. Sometimes it looks like she'll do the worm before she crawls lol
  • No crawling here either.  
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  • 7 month 1 week; LO has the arms down and is "semi-mobile" especially on our hard wood floors.  Still doesn't quite have the legs down for crawling yet,  He is trying to pull himself up to standing and has managed it a few times.
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  • We're no where near crawling!! He just flips over anytime we put him on his belly. He rarely stays on his tummy long enough to even push up!
  • My LO is 6mo 2wks and just started getting on hands and knees. I read crawling is typically 6-10 months, so I wouldn't worry!
  • LO just turned 7 months today, and she can do push ups, and occasionally stick her butt up, but never at the same time. She did manage to pull herself up the other day though. And she can turn on her belly if she has something to pull on. 

  • chein1chein1 member
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    Any top of progressional movement to get from one place to another is considered crawling, so rolling is definitely crawling. Even flailing like a wet bird is the start of trying to move! Hahaha that description cracked me up. My babe can crawl briefly, but she prefers to stay in her place and pull her blanket to drag her toys towards her. Genius. 
  • @chein1 my LO does that! She's so resourceful.. Or lazy.. ;)
  • Thanks everyone! ! :)
    I know all babies develop at their own pace, but first time mum. ..was a little worried anyway! 

  • lalenalalena member
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    Right here. Both my kids are lazy. My 7mth old even still hates just being on his stomach. He started sitting up at 5 months though. I'm not worried though, DD didn't start crawling until 9 months.
  • Mine is 6 months 2 weeks. She just rolls. Every time I put her on her stomach she rolls to her back. 
  • Just a reassurance, there's a wide range of "normal" for crawling! And others have said it, some skip it all together. Anywhere between 6 to 10 months is considered normal though. Your kiddo's got another 3 months to figure it out. :) And even then, they may choose a different form of movement besides the traditional crawl! (my son likes the butt scoot. We're going to go through a lot of pants...)

  • My LO was born 10/23/15 he start army crawling on mothers day ! Now he is starting on all fours but just rocks back and forth, then back to army crawling lol 

    i wouldnt be too worried about it, all babies are different , some just end up walking without even crawling ! 
  • mbyoungmbyoung member
    All babies are so different. My oldest didn't start crawling u til she was 8.5 months, my DS was 6 months, and this LO has no interest at all yet. She barely likes being on her tummy! 
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  • It's a 9 month milestone for a full term baby so I wouldn't worry. My baby was born 9/17, 6 weeks early and is only going backwards so far. Prob a couple more weeks. 
  • Mine just started crawling (with some speed) at exactly 8 months, one day after we installed a baby gate. 

    It it was weird, one day he was just hanging out on his belly, and the next he was propelling himself forward. 
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