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First period after MMC and D&C?

I'm sorry if this is TMI. I am trying to figure out if I am having my first period or not. I started very light spotting on Sunday the 8th and it continued until yesterday (Wednesday) when I actually had some real bleeding. Then today, it's back to dark brown colored spotting that's kind of clumpy (Sorry for TMI again). I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like that, and if I can count this as my period or not. Thanks! 
Me: 28 DH: 29
Married: 4-25-2014
TTC: March 2015
BFP: 2-18-16
Confirmed MMC: 3-31-16
D&C: 4-2-16
TTCAL: May 2016
IUI: 5/13/17-Femara and Trigger, POAS 5/27/17 BFP 5/27/17

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Re: First period after MMC and D&C?

  • Could be.  Did you ask your doctor?  I had a few days of bleeding here and there when I was waiting for AF after my loss (false alarm AFs, in my mind), but my HCG was being monitored and was still fairly high at those points.  When I did actually get AF about 2.5 months after my loss, my HCG finally got to single digits.  Have you had a beta recently?  I understand that the first few periods after a loss can be somewhat irregular, so I probably wouldn't take it to mean you won't bleed at all for the next however many days your usual cycle length is, even if it is your period.  
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    dx: MFI (morphology)
    IUI #1 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Sept. 2015 ~ BFN
    IUI #2 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Halloween 2015 ~ BFN
    IUI #3 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Thanksgiving 2015 ~ BFP!!
    hb 146 bpm at 7w5d
    1/28/16 ~ began to say goodbye to our beautiful baby at 11w 
    d&c, followed by cytotec
    TTCAL April 2016
    IUI #4 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Apr. 2016 ~ BFN
    IUI #5 w/Clomid + Ovidrel ~ CP
    IUI#6 w/Clomid + Ovidrel ~ BFN
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