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Done Breastfeeding?

Hello moms! 
So my baby is about 10 months old and he has stopped breastfeeding altogether. He is great with solids and drinking water well. I guess I was just wondering if any other LO's have stopped breastfeeding? I know they aren't supposed to wean until about one year... 

Re: Done Breastfeeding?

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    Hi mama! It's amazing you were able to continue this long! I heard baby's main nutrition before 1 has to come from formula or breastmilk. If he has stopped breastfeeding, make sure he still gets milk. Talk to your pediatrician, perhaps if you want you can still pump and feed him in bottle. Keep us posted mama and you are doing great! 
  • I agree! That's awesome that you were able to do it this long :) I know that a lot of moms out there do it for longer but there are a lot of moms that do it for shorter too. I think your doing great mama 
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  • My little guy has been weaning himself this month as well. He only nurses briefly once in the morning and that's it. I still offer during the day, but he now prefers the bottle. 
  • I just made the decision to stop pumping this week. I had been doing that along with formula, but now it's just formula, water, and solids for Riley!
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  • My LO just stopped cold turkey a few weeks ago. I think it's mainly due to teething and wanting to chew on the bottle, but I miss it! I've been pumping still but she is even refusing to take the bottle as much. She used to take 5 a day and now is down to 4 and sometimes 3! I hope she is getting enough nutrients. I'm looking forward to seeing what her pediatrician says in a few weeks.
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