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Getting your pre-pregnancy body back

I was wondering if anybody started incorporating some kind of exercise or watching what they eat? At the moment I'm taking things slow with daily walks. I'm still eating whatever secretly hoping breastfeeding will allow me to continue to do so...
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Re: Getting your pre-pregnancy body back

  • I have. But if you are breastfeeding, you're supposed to get at least 1800... But no less than 1500 for sure. I've started doing muscle strengthening exercises and trying to get in10000 steps a day and 250 ( at least) per hour in awake. I'm hoping to start with ten minutes of cardio per day next week.
    I have had my six week check up yet, but I waited for my bleeding to spot before I did anything other than core exercises .
  • I'm only 2 weeks PP from a section so I have a ways to go. I really want to start yoga and long walks but have to wait. So frustrating! I have a very low appetite so I'm not eating like I was at the end of my pregnancy. I'm pretty happy with my 2 week pp body. I had so much fluid at the end of my pregnancy. I'm not stressing about how I look but I know yoga would feel soooo good. I'll just have to wait. I do not want to screw up my recovery!
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  • i started back at Orange Theory at 3 weeks pp. I am EPing but I am trying (failing) to eat on the healthier side. My stomach has almost shrunk back down, but its still really soft. I never had a 6 pack but I did have some muscle tone that I am hoping to get back. 

    I am really hoping that my boob shrink down/ even out so I can fit into some pre- pregnancy clothes. 

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    I'm 2.5 weeks pp and am doing daily walks (a mile at a time up to twice a day). I'm 10 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight but I'm super soft. I'm still bleeding so I'm not doing any stomach muscle toning til that stops. 

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  • Are you ladies finding that exercise makes the bleeding worsen, or come back after it stops? Each time I have walked for a longer stretch, even if it's really a very slow walk, I end up bleeding again! I'm not cramping or in any pain, but it's so annoying. I'm 1 month PP, first noticed this at 2.5 weeks PP.
  • I havent started exercising yet, Im 6 weeks PP today and have my checkup appt tomorrow.  I gained 55 pounds and was down 25 pounds after 1 week PP. Ive lost another 5 pounds just watching what I eat, but I still have 25 pounds to lose. My stomach is flat but soft and jiggly. I just dont have the energy to work out, Im so exhausted from lack of sleep. Im gonna have to make myself exercise though,  I want these extra pounds gone!

    Does anyone know if it is okay to do sit ups or crunches? Or are there specific types of abworkouts for post partum bellies? 
  • I've started jogging and doing some body weight exercises but waiting for my 6 week postpartum visit next week before I start lifting weights again. 
    @loveymay I think sit-ups and crunches are supposed to be the last types of exercises incorporated back into your routine but I couldn't give you any alternatives off hand. 
  • @Missingchampagne  I didn't stop bleeding till 5 weeks pp. I was told if you're bleeding more, you're doing too much.

    @loveymay I started crunches as soon as the bleeding slowed down and my back is really thanking me! Not every day mind you, but a bit here and there. Core exercises are helping the most since my little guy has put on a pound a week since his week one check up. If I hadn't started doing muscle work... I don't think I could little guys anymore.
  • @Missingchampagne I'm 6 weeks PP and I only stopped bleeding a couple of days ago. I also noticed that if I exerted more effort, I would bleed more. It did taper off at about 4 weeks PP.
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  • @loveymay crunches should be avoided if you've experienced abdominal sepearation. I think it's called disastis recti (sp?) and apparently it's pretty common. Certain exercises will make it worse so be sure to check, lots of YouTube videos to show you how. 
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  • At 4 weeks pp, I'm down to my pre-preg weight, but my shape is different. I gained all of the 20 lbs I gained in my midsection and it's still soft and squishy. I've also lost a lot of my strength. I am walking/standing pretty much all day and night with a colicky LO, but I can't wait to add weights into my routine.
  • I haven't done much yet because everything seems to make me bleed more and I am waiting to ask my doctor when I can start running or something. I am still 20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight but I was underweight before so I only care to lose 10 lbs. I am interested in getting rid of this jiggly, gross belly.
  • At 4 weeks pp, I'm down to my pre-preg weight, but my shape is different. I gained all of the 20 lbs I gained in my midsection and it's still soft and squishy. I've also lost a lot of my strength. I am walking/standing pretty much all day and night with a colicky LO, but I can't wait to add weights into my routine.
    Me too! I gained 21 lbs, lost it all immediately upon leaving the hospital, but my body is one I don't recognize. I'm soft and dough-y where I was firm before.
  • The most depressing part of childbirth to me. :(
    im 4w postpartum. I have 10lbs left to lose from this pregnancy but 35lbs ideally to get back to where I was before my DD. The soft and squishy body is horrific! It's either too big maternity clothes or too tight regular clothes! The dr gave me the all clear today and said I'm completely healed so I hope to start cardio next week. (Don't want to risk bleeding again because I have a wedding to attend in two days!) We've done nightly walks and I'm logging all my food/calorie intake on an app. So far clean eating isn't helping. :( I am also exclusively nursing (but that never helped with weight loss with my DD.)
    End depressed rant. 
  • I gained about 35 pounds but gave birth to a nearly 10 pound baby.....most of my weight is gone, but my stomach is squishy. I was in really good shape when I got pregnant and I can't wait to start exercising again...
  • I've started to watch what I eat but like pp said I have to make sure I get enough calories and water.  At 4w pp I am down 10 lbs and maintaining that, but I would like to keep that weight off.
  • I gained 50 (which is about what I gain with every pregnancy) and I've lost 20/25lbs at 2 wks pp. I didn't exercise after my first 3 and dropped all the weight by 4, 6, and 9 mos. I'm not too worried this time around. It'll come off eventually. I did, however, make a promise to myself to take better care of myself after this pregnancy, in regards to exercise and getting away from the kids for breaks. I used to exercise every day prior to baby #1, but she has special needs and has required a ridiculous amount of time and energy since day 1.
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  • I was cleared yesterday at my PP appt. This morning I stopped in at my CrossFit box (owner wasn't there so couldn't make arrangements). I'm not sure if I'll start back now or at the beginning of next month since its month to month. I'll ease back into it, but I can't wait to start lifting weights again! Anyone familiar with CrossFit knows it has a reputation of being intense so I'll definitely have to scale things a bit. I'm 4 weeks PP do probably at 6 weeks at the end of the month I'll be back. I went back to CrossFit at 8 weeks PP with my first.
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  • I gained 25 and have lost like 22-ish or so. I look *almost* normal, but an extra 3lbs on my petite frame still shows. My midsection is definitely still squishy too! I've taken a few 2.5 mile walks with LO in the stroller, but won't do anything longer or run until I'm cleared by my OB. I'm trying to eat healthy foods, lots of fruits and veggies and such, but not really watching what I eat otherwise. I doubt I'm taking in more than 1300-1500 calories though. I just don't eat all that much in general. It's certainly not hurting my milk supply! 
  • I've mostly been walking and doing the core exercises assigned at the hospital. I started going back to the gym this past weekend to get more intense cardio and some weights. My stomach is a disaster even though my weight is fine.
  • dayj11dayj11 member
    I'm walking and was cleared to do light cardio 2 weeks ago.  LO is one month today. I eat healthy and have been curbing sweets but that's about it. Nothing I wouldn't normally do.  I switched to eating 5 small meals s day instead of the three regular because it's too filling.  Dr said no core workout at all as of now. I go in for my postpartum appointment Monday. Hoping to get cleared to go fully work out.  Our local crossfit gym is starting a 6 week challenge at the end of the month and I'm hoping to get in on that. You have to keep up the calories for feeding but it doesn't mean you can't do that with healthy foods
  • I wish I could say I was as good as you guys xD. I gained 51 lbs during pregnancy and so far (5wksPP) have dropped 23lbs. Got a looong way to go, but I know I'll get there eventually. Just sucks that none of my capris fit over my legs and it's so hot!
  • I am 10 weeks pp and lost the pregnancy weight rather quickly. I believe by the 2nd week PP. Now, I'm working on getting the love weight I gained before getting pregnant, so about 15-20lbs. LO and I have been going on walks, but I did purchase Insanity and plan on starting back at the gym on Monday. When I went jogging I my breasts felt SO heavy. I guess I really need to make sure I pump before jogging because even with good support, they felt heavy. I'm excited about going back to the gym and with eating right now (it took me a good amount of time to get that under control just because i couldn't eat much during my pregnancy so I made up for it after LOL) I'm hoping that the weight will continue to fall off. I plan on BF'ing as long as possible so I'm hoping this will give me a great advantage. I created a Dietbet with some friends to encourage us to lose some weight and it's helped as well. 
  • @cjbwifey2010 Dietbets were a great motivator for me. Thanks for reminding me! 
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  • I have a job-related physical fitness test June 22 where I'll be tested on running, sit-ups, and pushups and my OB said I could not start exercising until 3 weeks PP. So I'm now at almost 4 weeks post partum and I'm starting to slowly get my fitness routine back up, but it's amazing how battered my poor body is! I couldn't do a single crunch, let alone sit ups at first, and my two mile run took 34 minutes the first time. It's down to 29 minutes now, but that's still pretty awful :( I gained about 30 lbs during pregnancy but I'm down to 5 below pre-pregnancy weight now. Unfortunately that's entirely lost muscle mass from bedrest as far as I can tell.
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  • mbirdiembirdie member
    I want my fingers back! I've got about 20lbs left to pre pregnancy weight and my wedding set still doesn't fit. I want to get them sized so I can wear them now, but I know I'd regret it if I had to get them resized again after losing some weight.
    DD - 4.15.16
  • dayj11dayj11 member
    I signed up for the local cross fit 6 week challenge starting Monday.  Pretty nervous.  Hoping I can hack it
  • wildtotwildtot member
    So I read somewhere that depending on how bad your diastasis recti is abdominal exercises like sit-ups should be avoided early on because it could make it worse. Other muscles should be toned first to help that recovery later on. STMs what's your take on this? Is it true? I won't be doing too much ab related stuff soon because of the section but just curious what other mamas have done or have been told.
  • dayj11dayj11 member
    @Knottie2891384  you can google or Pinterest exercises specifically for that condition to help get those muscles back in place.  
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