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Hi mamas how do I get my son to take a bottle

Re: Hi mamas how do I get my son to take a bottle

  • colsen4colsen4 member
    The only way to get my son to take a bottle at first was to let someone else feed him. I would leave the room. My bf would drip milk on his lip till he took it.
  • 2-Step2-Step member
    Try different kinds if possible. My sons had preferences for the nipple type. One liked the skinny nipples, the others liked the fat nurser nipples. Each refused to take the other kind. I suggest Dr. Browns for the skinny nipples and Playtex VentAire for fat. Buy one of each and try them out before you stock up. Then do as pper suggested and have someone else start him on it. Offer it once per day during a normal feeding time. It might take a few days but he will get the hang of it.
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