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Talking toddler problems?

My son is 16 months old and I feel like we should understand him more. He use to say momma, dada but now everything is aye or ayeya. He rarely says momma or dada and when he does its like mumbling mamamammamamama. Anyone else have a toddler they can't understand. He was tounge tied also for the first 6months. I think it's delayed his speech but not sure because I have no other friends with boys.
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Re: Talking toddler problems?

  • dayj11dayj11 member
    My daughter says mama dad-dad clearly as well as hi and bye.  But other than that it's all mumbling.  She comes up to me regularly and babbles then walks away.  I say words to her like diaper or baby and she just laughs or smiles.  
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