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Overwhelmed...need routine/sleep advice!

My first DS (now 2 1/2 years old) was a great baby with a laid back personality. My 7 week old is another story! I'm trying to get a routine going for the good of the home, but it's been a struggle. I've tried the eat-play-sleep routine, but he demands to be nursed to sleep (I give up after rocking/walking/etc for an hour to get him down). He then only sleeps for 20 minutes or so (although sometimes he'll go for 45 minutes). I've tried rocking him back to sleep, crying it out (for just a few minutes. He freaks and is sweaty, and I think he's too young to really cry it out), but I can't get him back down although he seems tired still. He has a very short awake time in between naps because I think he's overtired. I feel like all I do is rock him to sleep (unsuccessfully), and clean up poopy underpants from by 2 1/2 DS who is potty training, and go attend to the waking baby. On top of this, he used to sleep a 4 hour stretch at night, but has now given that up recently for a 2.5 hour stretch and then is up each hour (just needs to be nursed back to sleep...he's not hungry or poopy). We just started to swaddle him about a week ago with his arms down, and he is okay with it at first, but seems angry about it when he wakes up. He's currently on Zantac for acid reflux, and is still very gassy (that is what wakes him up at night). I cut out dairy in my diet, in case that is bothering him. I think part of the problem is my lack of structure/routine, but I can't decide what route is the best. He's too young to CIO, but I can't spend literally my entire day rocking him when I have another boy to take care of. I just need to get a proper plan in place, but not sure where to start. Thoughts/advice?? Help!

Re: Overwhelmed...need routine/sleep advice!

  • I feel for you. I had a baby when my son was 2.5 and juggling the two is not easy.

    Unfortunately what you are describing sounds completely normal for a 7 week old. Especially a 7 week old breastfed baby. I didn't BF for long and eventually had to switch to formula but when my kids were breastfed, all I ever did was nurse. Constantly. I wasn't producing much and my kids were always hungry.

    As far as a routine goes, I really feel like that is something that just falls into place when your LO is ready. All you can do is watch for tired cues, feed your LO, then put him down. I never cared if my kids were asleep or awake when I put them in bed and they often fell asleep while drinking a bottle, so I don't see anything wrong with you nursing to sleep. You won't have to do that forever and most likely this is a phase that will pass.

    Where does your LO sleep? In a crib? Both of my kids were swaddled until around 4 months old and I really think that helped them sleep well and my youngest slept in a RnP which was the single greatest piece of baby equipment EVER. She slept like a champ in that thing.

    Perhaps the reflux is bugging him? Can you ask the Pedi if that might be part of the problem? Can you wear him around the house so you can get stuff done? I did that a LOT with my youngest.

    Good luck to you. Hopefully some of my response helps.

  • Have you tried pacifiers? Or a swing? DS will only take a decent nap in a swing. Like PP said, look for tired cues (at this point it's usually just yawns) and start soothing & rocking him before he starts getting upset. My biggest trick when dealing with a toddler at the same time is to wear DS2. Invest in a nice carrier, it will get your hands free and baby usually LOVES  it!!


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    I don't think you can force your baby into a routine. You honestly just have to follow his cues and eventually he'll set his own routine. Typically at that age there isn't very much awake time. DD is 5 months and she's just gotten to the point where she can be awake for two hours between naps. 
    We used the swing for naps and I wear her a lot to get stuff done and she usually falls asleep. We also still swaddle and are just transitioning out at 5 months. 
  • I agree with PP responses. This sounds unfortunately very normal for a baby that age. This sounds like my LO for her entire first 2 months which is very fresh in my mind. The peak period of crying and general fussiness is in this age range, and as your LO gets another month or so under his belt, many babies start to improve on that aspect with time and development. Awake time and overall alertness during awake periods will also come with time. I feel for you balancing with your toddler's needs. A swing or rock and play are 2 suggestions I'll do what you have to do. My LO never liked to be worn at this little stage but likes it a lot now that she's bigger, but if yours seems up for it, worth a shot!

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  • My baby boy is 10 weeks and still wakes up every 2-3 hours at night and naps through out the day for about 15 or 45 mins .. its so hard and overwhelming he just wants to be held and will cry if i put him down... everyone says it will get better when hes older (i hope so) 
  • My guy is 8 weeks and refuses to sleep in bassinet, crib, or rock and play during the day. He will only sleep in my arms, or when he's carried. Will usually sleep 2 hours at a time, but as soon as we put him down he starts crying. It's a little frustrating since we can't get anything done during the day, but we do have a nighttime routine that I read from the Moms on Call book. Basically I bathe him, swaddle and read/sing to him, feed him, and by that time he passes out in his rock and play for about 4 hours from 10pm-2am, and once he wakes up at 2am I try to rock him back to sleep. If that doesnt work, I'll feed/change him before he sleeps from another 2-4 hours. Nighttime seems to be much easier right now. 

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  • Pacifier? I think they say after 5 weeks its ok with a breastfed baby but you may want to check that. 
    One of my friends had that issue and she broke down to formula feeding before bed ans breast feeding during the day. She would do it only for the night feed,she said it kept him full longer. 
    White noise machine? I have one that makes sounds like they heard in the womb. It won't make him fall asleep but i feel he stays asleep longer if i have it on.  The ones with continuous mode are better. I can only do mine up to 45 minutes. He wakes up shortly after it shuts off.
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