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Not sleeping anymore!

Hi all, I'm new on this page, but I need help!  I have a 6 1/2 yo son who has previously been a great sleeper.  However, since school let out last week, it's all gone down the drain.  Normally he'll go to bed about 8pm and sleep until around 7am.  However, now he's still going to bed at 8, but not falling asleep (and coming out multiple times) until 10 or 11.  He will then wake up at 5 or 6.  He complains of everything in the book -- stomach ache, scary dream, heard a noise, bathroom, water, etc.  Sometimes I catch him reading in bed until all hours.  How do I get my good sleeper back??

Re: Not sleeping anymore!

  • Bummer!

    The end of school is always surprisingly hard for my son.  He neither loves nor hates school.  He's just one of those people who really dislikes a change in his routine.  I'm a teacher, so when we're on summer break we're REALLY on summer break.  We go from sixty to zero in one day.  As an adult, I LOVE it, and his older sister loves it, but it's hard on my son.

    It could be that your DS is used to being worn out by the activity and stimulation of school, and now he's not sleepy because he's just toodling around at home.  OR... if you are working and he's switching from school to summer camp or daycare, he's having some sleep disruption because he's going from one busy routine to a different one.  If he's meeting new people, adjusting to new teachers/counselors, new sights and sounds, it could mess with his sleep for a week or so.

    If you're home with him, maybe try to plan some engaging outings or activities.  I know this can be hard if you have younger children who still nap, though.  Maybe a busy morning, then an afternoon of more academic activities/games/puzzles?  Something to kind of wear out his body and brain like the school day would.

    Hang in there!  He'll gradually adjust!
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