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How many rounds of clomid?

It's been awhile since I've been on here, so here's a little background:

-d&c at 9 weeks about 5 mos ago
-took 7.5 weeks for hcg to drop completely
-haven't been ovulating since loss
-got pregnant 3x (two children and 1 loss) very easily

My OB put me on 50mg clomid last cycle, and day 21 progesterone test showed I didn't ovulate. Now waiting for AF so we can try 100mg. 

My question is, how many cycles should we try with the OB before we move on to an RE?? I don't understand how we were so fertile before, and now are not :(

Re: How many rounds of clomid?

  • Hi there! I am so sorry for your loss. I don't have experience with Clomid, but, I wanted to say I would only ever agree to its use with an RE. Are you getting ultrasounds to monitor? Just increasing the dose without proper surveillance can cause bad side effects. Plus, lifetime use of Clomid is only 6 cycles. I would hate for you to waste that without the proper monitoring and not get success. 

    I'm sorry you are having trouble now. Bodies are weird and they get weirder as we age. Hopefully you get your rainbow baby soon, but I would urge you to seek out an RE sooner rather than later. 
  • Thanks for your reply and insight. We were planning on seeing an RE after this cycle if not pregnant, and your reply makes me feel even more like that's the right decision. 

    The only monitoring we're doing with the OB is day 21 progesterone check and pelvic exam.
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  • I am sorry for your loss.  Agree with @Wishilivedinflorida.  I would do zero rounds of Clomid with an OB (maybe would consider if OB was doing u/s and bw monitoring...maybe).  Clomid can thin the uterine lining for some women, which can be a permanent effect.  I would not take any more Clomid unless I knew I was not experiencing that side effect.  

    Also, my understanding is it can be fairly normal to have wonky cycles for a while after a loss.  I don't know how old you are and don't want to minimize what you're going through, but if it took almost 2 months for your HCG to drop and your d&c was 5 months ago, so it sounds like you've been TTC for 3 months and aren't having normal cycles.  I am not sure that is entirely out of the range of what might be expected.  
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    IUI #3 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Thanksgiving 2015 ~ BFP!!
    hb 146 bpm at 7w5d
    1/28/16 ~ began to say goodbye to our beautiful baby at 11w 
    d&c, followed by cytotec
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    IUI #4 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Apr. 2016 ~ BFN
    IUI #5 w/Clomid + Ovidrel ~ CP
    IUI#6 w/Clomid + Ovidrel ~ BFN
  • Like PP says, I would seek out a RE now. I am dealing with secondary infertility and just did my first clomid cycle with my RE. I had to sign a contract regarding taking clomid that was 6 pages long, regarding risks of the medications and my agreement to blood and ultrasound monitoring. Good luck!
  • Thank you so much ladies!! I will talk to DH about this again tonight. And I'm 29.
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    Clomid has a 6 cycle LIFETIME maximum for use. That, along with all the other issues with Clomid, would prevent me from using it with my OB, as much as I like her. 

    If you use the search function on the TTGP board, you'll get lots of threads about Clomid use. Look for responses by @TheBorg7of9... She has lots of good info on why Clomid from an OB isn't a good route.
  • Okay thanks so much!!! I'll search for those posts today!
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