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First steps!

DS took his magical first steps (6 from dada to mama) two days ago and since is not really interested in doing it again. Should I try to have him practice walking every day? About how long from the first steps to actually walking full time take?

Re: First steps!

  • DD took her first steps then wasn't all that interested. That was about a month ago. Then about last week I think she realized it was easier to walk and now wants to walk all the time. We just helped her if she wanted to walk (holding our hand gave her some reassurance and she got a kick out of holding hands when we were out shopping) and celebrated when she walked on her own. She just naturally became more interested in it over time. The past couple days she's even been pushing our hands away and wanting to do it on her own everywhere, even places she was afraid to before. She still crawls if she wants to get somewhere fast, though. 
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