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Tentatively saying hello

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Hi all, 
My name is Laura and I'm about 6W+5D. I got my first BFP on April 29th and then I took two follow-up tests May 1st (just to be sure ;) ). 

I'll give you all a little personal history. My husband and I have been ttc since we were married in 2009. I didn't realize at the time that I had a few health issues preventing me from getting pregnant. Long story short,  I had a sleeve gastrectomy, lost 100+ lbs,  and got pg for the first time last year,  around Father's day. Never had very many symptoms (just sore BBs mostly) and then the symptoms I did have just disappeared one day. A week or so later I had increasing brown/reddish discharge and went into my obgyn to find out I had a missed miscarriage. I didn't have a d&c and a few days later it was over. 
We didn't really start ttc again until about Feb this year, so I was actually pretty surprised to have a BFP. 
My  DH and I prayed very hard for this and are super thankful for this rainbow blessing but I'm having a hard time not becoming super anxious over every little thing. I did have an awful nightmare a few days ago about loosing this pregnancy and it threw me for a loop, but I'm calmer now. 
FX and prayers up for a happy and super sticky baby this time around. 
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Re: Tentatively saying hello

  • Welcome! FX a H&H 9 months. 
    TW: MMC
    BFP1 12/24/14 - EDD 09/07/15 (D/C 8w1d)
    BFP2 6/12/15 - EDD 2/22/16 (D/C 10w3d)
    Diagnoses and Treatments
    PCOS (myo-inositol, excercize)
    Indeterminant levels of APS IgM antibodies (baby aspirin)
    Sub-septate uterus (hysteroscopic septoplasty 12/18/15)
    BFP3 05/02/16 EDD 01/09/17 DS born 01/05/17
    BFP4 01/28/19 EDD 10/?/19 🤞🙏

  • Congrats and welcome!


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  • Thank you guys. I'm really glad that I found this board! 
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  • Congrats and welcome!!
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  • Welcome! I think we can all understand the anxiety of being pregnant after a loss. I'm 24 weeks and that anxiety haunts me every day still. It can get a little easier as the weeks add up but all I can say is to try and relax any chance you get and enjoy yourself and your pregnancy as much as possible! There are always tough days but there will also be good ones. Glad to have you here.
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  • @AlwaysAuntNeverMom thank you! I'm just trying not to freak out too bad every time something "weird" happens. 
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  • KurtniKurtni member
    Congratulations. I am so sorry about the nightmare, they suck! My husband and I just got back from an anniversary trip and I had awful nightmares while we were gone.
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