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Dropping Morning feeding session question.

Hi All,

I looked through about 4 pages of past discussions to try and figure this out with no luck. I'm slowly weaning my 13 month old son and we are down to just two nursing sessions a day, one in the early morning, about 5:00 am and the other at night before bed. I would like to drop the morning session first since I think it is mostly comfort and habit, he doesn't seem to drink very much and I don't feel he is really even trying to eat. How did you guys do it? Did you replace with a straw cup of milk? If so, did you just give it to them in their crib and leave the room? He is sleeping from 7:30 pm until he wakes up for that morning feeding. I'd like him to sleep in his crib until 6:30 am. This question would also apply to my night feeding which is going to be the last one I drop. Would i give him a straw cup with milk before bed and then read books? What about his teeth? We usually brush them in the bath before bed. Would we have to switch to brushing them after that last milk cup? 

TYIA for all your help!

Re: Dropping Morning feeding session question.

  • I nursed our 4th baby until 18 months and he was down to feeding when I got home from work, before bed, sometime in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning. The middle of the night feeding went first (18 months of waking up in the middle of the night was far too long!!) and then a few weeks later the morning. My guy went down in his crib for the night first but then came into bed with me for the rest of the night whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night and we still do it this way. I didn't offer him milk when he woke early. I'd just soothe him, tell him it was still time to sleep, rub his back, etc which we'd also just done for the middle of the night.  Anyway, it was only 3-5 days of him waking up for an early morning feeding before he started to sleep right through. 

    Regarding the night feeding I gave him milk in his cup for him to drink while we snuggled, read books, etc. Then brushed teeth, then cuddled some more before putting him down for bed.  

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