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Question For STM: Daycare sleep

We recently have been working on putting our son down dowrsy at nights and it's really improved his sleep with him only getting up once in the night now for a feeding. Our routine is that we rock him until he's drowsy and then put him in the crib with a pacifier. Just wondering with your first baby did you have them completely nap and sleep trained for daycare before returning to work or does it just work out? I don't want someone to have to listen to my kid scream at naps especially considering we don't put him to bed that way but I don't know how long this is going to take for him to be completely trained before August. Thanks in advance for any insight or advice!! :)

Re: Question For STM: Daycare sleep

  • Each daycare puts their children down for naps in their own ways, so even if you have your LO trained one way, the daycare will likely have to train a 2nd way in their own way, because what works at home may not work there. Also, daycare isn't likely to give your LO the pacifier at naptime. 
    I wouldn't stress out one way or the other, they are used to training children at nap time, they know what to expect. Sadly maNY parents don't work with their children on ANY kiND of routine and daycare are oftentimes a child's only source of routine and stability =/ 
    (I have worked in daycares.)
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  • mrsb30mrsb30 member
    Why wouldn't they give a baby a pacifier at nap time? I have never heard this.
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  • @mrsb30 My son refuses his paci while at daycare. At home he always uses it. For him it just isn't a need while there.

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  • Was your son putting himself to sleep before going to daycare? I'm really not concerned about the pacifier as by then we will try and wean I'm off of it
  • @mrsb30 Depending on the facility, like the one I used to work at, some have a self-soothe method. More or less to actually cover their own butt so a parent can't blame the daycare for the child "picking up habits there", i.e. use of pacifiers, only being able to nap with bottles, etc.
  • My three went to daycare and although I am much more hands on and cosleep at home, the kids adjusted to the sleep routine there. I think one of them didn't like the crib at all and would always fall asleep in the baby swing for most of his naps, but the other two slept in the cribs there (and they didn't sleep in their cribs at home
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