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hi All! Getting a little worried that my 14 month and 3 week old is still only whole hand pointing! She had been doing this for over two months but still no index finger (although it's slightly isolated but instead of the last 3 fingers curling under they are above index finger). Can you all tell me when your los started index finger pointing and if they did whole hand how long it lasted?? Thanks so much!!

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  • Both of my kids starting pointing before the age of 1. I would think your Pedi would be asking about these types of things at well child checks right??? I'd ask your Pedi about this.
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  • Yes he was not concerned at the 12 month appointment. I have not yet been for the 15 month.
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  • SmrBrd2012SmrBrd2012 member
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    Does she do other things? Like wave, clap, mimic? If so, I wouldn't be too worried about just the pointing, if not, I'd def bring up again with the doctor at the 15 month.

    Editing to add that my son will be 12 months next week and doesn't point yet.
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