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I just got my breast pump (Medea advance double pump electric).  I just couldn't bring myself to pay $69 for the tote with extra accessories. Did anyone get this? Is it worth it? Is anyone doing an alternative such as a regular tote with an insulated bag inside?


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  • I don't remember what Medela I got through insurance, but it didn't come with a bag. I'm planning on using a tote bag I have laying around. As far as an insulated cooler bag for pumped milk, I'll probably use a cooler bag and ice pack we already have. Nothing over the top. I think it came from Costco? 

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  • I have both the tote with the accessories and the regular Pump In Style without everything. I prefer the no frills pump. When I go somewhere without the baby and need to pump I bring the pump in a hard sided cooler with the wipes, hands free bra, a couple bags and the flanges with bottles. 
    The tote just wasn't big enough for everything I needed to carry with me. 
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  • Oh, I do use the cooker and ice pack that came with the tote, but only because I already had them. Any ice pack and small cooler will do. 
  • I bought them because I have an HSA debit/credit card and it says it was a qualifying expense. If you have an HSA or FSA that's how you could pay for it. I wasn't entirely sure I will need it either, but thought I should just in case. 
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  • I have both (the tote and just the pump itself).  The tote comes with some bottle accessories and such that are nice but not necessary.  I wouldn't bother if I were you.  It's $75 for a bunch of crap you probably have around your house.

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  • delujm0delujm0 member

    I got the pump itself and then sprung for the messenger style bag (because the pump is separate from it, rather than the other bag/backpack that the pump is attached to).  I used my HSA.

    HUGE MISTAKE.  The strap on the messenger bag broke about 2 months after I went back to work and started carting my pump back and forth daily.  I have a giant Vera Bradley tote bag that I use instead.  Much stronger and well made, and it holds more (and has a lot of interior pockets to organize).


    I tell all my friends to just get the basic pump and find a bag that works for you specifically instead of paying money for the poorly made "official" bags that Medela sells.

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    I was wondering about this also... sounds like it's not worth the expense!  Thanks for the info!
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  • My Sister in law gave me her bag and I got a new pump through insurance.  I'm so glad I didn't pay the extra money for the bag because it's really not worth it!

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