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    @Kellyj103  oh gosh, I eye rolled on behalf of your mom's crazy statement. I am glad you're getting the love today!
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    said8mesaid8me member
    My dad was the last person to wish me a Happy Mother's Day today, via text. Got his stupid fiance a stupid orchid, but couldn't be bothered to even send a card my way.

    He did offer up some time this afternoon if my siblings and I wanted to plant some flowers in his yard (wow gee thanks)... and to be fair, planting is what my mom always did for MD before she passed a couple years ago. Either way, not exactly what this 7+ mo pregnant chick / mom of a 2yo wanted to be doing today. Hrmph.

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    Honestly my ex and my Facebook family are the only people who have wished me happy mothers day. My H hasn't event remembered yet.
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    Awwww @stellaluna14 - I completely agree that that is rude! I would never fault someone for wanting to celebrate Mother's Day. 
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    My mom has posted on Facebook at least 4 times in the past two days something like "happy Mother's Day to all the pet moms!"  ...just starting to irk me a bit because as a cat/dog owner and mother to a 2.5 year old, I can say that owning a pet is NOT equivalent to raising children. Maybe it's just because she just keeps repeating it over and over on Facebook that it's starting to piss me off this much.... It's just getting a little ridiculous though! Can't us moms just have our own day to be celebrated and not have to share with pet owners?!
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