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Excess Lipase

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Does anyone here deal with excess lipase in their breastmilk?  In the past, I have scalded my BM on the stovetop before freezing, but I need an easier system that doesn't require me to stand over the stove with the thermometer to make sure I take it off the second it reaches 190*.  I've read about using a bottle warmer, but I have no idea what one to get that will warm it to that temperature - will they all?  Is there any kind of system that would just beep when it reaches that temp?  Hoping someone here might have the same problem and already have a great system!  With three kiddos, I've had too many mishaps already - turned for a couple minutes to wipe up my toddler today, looked back, and 10 oz of my BM that I had just pumped was boiling over on the stove:/

Cross-posting to BF Board, as well.

ETA:  Just wanted to say that he will not accept milk past 24 hours unless it has been scalded.  I've tasted it, and it's like putting a bar of soap in your mouth, so I can't blame him!  It was the same way with my other boys:(  Makes pumping much more complicated!
*E 10/2012, H 7/2014, F 2/2016*
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