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Hi everyone. Last pregnancy, I had a very hard time breastfeeding and eventually gave up at 2 months. Looking back, I realize a lot had to do with the pump I was provided, Ameda Purely Yours, through my insurance. I'm trying to be proactive this time around and want a Medela Pump in Style, but unfortunately, I would have to buy it out of pocket. Any recommendations for cheaper ways to purchase good pumps? 

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    You want a closed system pump. Meaning the milk can not go back in the tuning and cause mold to grow. The ameda purely yours is an excellent pump. I would say make sure it's a double electric pump and that the flanges are the right size for your breast. I have 3 living children and used a medela with my first and didn't care for it but got the ameda with my 2nd and used it with my last 2 and then my friend used it for her last 2 and it's still going strong. 
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    I've heard great things about the Evenflo Double Electric pump. It's a closed system and is only $90. I had a Medela and it did work well, but I hate that the PISA is an open system. It's a rip-off at its price point. I switched to an Ameda Purely Yours when I had my younger daughter, but like you, it just didn't work for me. The suction was nowhere near strong enough for me. In the end, since I only needed to pump occasionally, I got a Medela manual pump and it worked great for my needs. 
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  • I used Medela freestyle and loved it (paid for it OOP, before insurance covered pumps)... but there are so many ways to get used medela pumps cheaply (craigslist, local consignment sales, etc), and pay for new tubing, etc. Google cleaning out medela pumps and it will walk you through how to take the face off of the pump and clean anything icky out of it. Mine didn't have any last time I checked... so I think they're good pumps. Might want to look into Hygeia and spectra pumps, I've heard they are amazing and wayyyy cheaper than medela. good luck
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  • I actually found My Medela PIS on Craigslist online, new, sealed in the box for half the price. Sometimes people will receive them as gifts or through their insurance and either decide not to pump or get an extra one and sell it.  I wouldn't recommend getting a used one but if you can find one new in box I'd jump at it. 
  • Hey!  
    I have the Spectra s2 and I love it!  It is hospital grade and a closed system. It is on groupon now for $220.  This includes a tote, cooler bag, and ice pack. 
    I would really recommend it!!
  • cbeck6912 said:
    I have the Spectra s2 and I love it!  It is hospital grade and a closed system. It is on groupon now for $220.  This includes a tote, cooler bag, and ice pack. 
    I would really recommend it!!
    I hadn't heard of this, but just did some research and this is a steal based on my needs! I also found a $40 off coupon to sweeten the deal. THANK YOU!

  • I was given the Ameda pump by my insurance and it crapped out a couple months after I went back to work. I bought a slightly used Medela PISA for $40 on an app called Mercari. Tons of people sell their new and used pumps on there, worth taking a look!
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