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Our baby has measured big this entire time... until now. At 20 week ultrasound we were measuring in 95th percentile and 2 weeks ahead, with all the stomach measurements after 20 weeks we have been 1-2 cm larger than my weeks. This week i measured 1cm smaller than my weeks. Has anyone else had this happen? any idea why baby would all of a sudden stop his growth spurts?

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    did you ask your doctor why this could happen? 
  • Maybe baby dropped?  Aren't the measurements generally known to be off by 1-2 cm frequently anyway?  I don't think they're all that accurate.
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  • Like PPs said, I don't think they are accurate particularly. Also, growth "spurts" don't go on forever (thank God!). He may have plateaued out for a few weeks. If your doc isn't concerned, I wouldn't be.
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  • DS was 97th percentile plus most of my pregnancy, which was part of the reason I needed regular ultrasounds. At 34 weeks, he was in the 70s. U/S is not an exact science, especially as they get bigger. Definitely nothing to be concerned about.

  • My friend suddenly wasn't showing growth by 34 weeks cause her son had dropped. I wouldn't worry about it unless they (your ob) voice a concern.
  • My friend suddenly wasn't showing growth by 34 weeks cause her son had dropped. I wouldn't worry about it unless they (your ob) voice a concern.
    This. I'm expecting to hear the same news on Tuesday at my next appointment. As long as baby is moving in there, I'm not all that concerned unless my dr has reasons to be.

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  • Those measurements are just not that precise. Ultrasound measurements Can be pretty inaccurate but for some reason doctors tend to take them very seriously. Of course, they are right or close a good amount of the time, but they can also be pretty far off. It's based on a blurry image of a moving baby. My tech always said + or - 20%, which in a full term baby can be 1.5 to 2 pounds more or less. They predicted DD would be almost 9 pounds and she was born 7 lb. 1 oz. I recommend trying not to focus too much on baby's size before it's born. If the baby's consistently measuring big, then maybe consider doctor's advice if they wanted to do an early induction, but measurements generally go up and down due to error.
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  • My measurements have gone all over the place - from right on to 2 weeks behind. It's NBD. Measurements are inaccurate. Talk to your doctor/midwife if really concerned.
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  • Agree with PPs. My measurements have gone from 2+ weeks ahead, to a week behind, to right on track, to 1 week ahead. Its mostly all guesstimates. 
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