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What's happening this weekend? How is everyone feeling? 
Renee, 34 + Devon, 29 married 08/13 <3
TTC  09/15
*TW Loss mentioned*
BFP 12/15/15 EDD: 08/26/16
MMC discovered 1/25/16 at 9 +3
TTCAL 3/2016
Acupuncture 11/16
Dx December 2016: unexplained 
January 2017: 50 mg Clomid + TI =
BFP #2 01/30/17  Please be a sticky baby!
EDD: 10/15/17  Measuring ahead! 10/12/17 
Ambrose born on his due date!


  • Pretty busy over here. I think it might be my FW (lollll who knows) so relations are going to be had ED.

    My friend's band is on a mini tour in Southern Ontario and they're playing two shows in Toronto this weekend. I've never missed a show since they formed in 2012 in Montreal and would play the second floor of Burritoville, so I'm going to have to catch one of them. Usually I'm excited to see her/them play, but allergies are knocking me down and have totally wiped DH out. What a headache. No antihistamines until I ovulate, though.

    Another friend is having his birthday party at his new condo on Saturday and we've said we'll go. His larger social group is exhausting, but he's a recovering alcoholic so at least there won't be any drunk people there. Parties aren't my thing. Being out when it's dark isn't my thing, either. 

    I have some planting to do: dinosaur kale, swiss chard, rainbow chard and collard greens from seed. I'll step out today and get Italian parsley, rosemary and sage from a local grocery store and plant them. Got to fertilize my tomatoes. Seems like it should be nice and warm, too. Yoga on the deck!
    Renee, 34 + Devon, 29 married 08/13 <3
    TTC  09/15
    *TW Loss mentioned*
    BFP 12/15/15 EDD: 08/26/16
    MMC discovered 1/25/16 at 9 +3
    TTCAL 3/2016
    Acupuncture 11/16
    Dx December 2016: unexplained 
    January 2017: 50 mg Clomid + TI =
    BFP #2 01/30/17  Please be a sticky baby!
    EDD: 10/15/17  Measuring ahead! 10/12/17 
    Ambrose born on his due date!

  • Not too busy of a weekend planned. Tonight going to home depot with DH to get supplies for our various outside projects we have planned for our staycation in a couple weeks- re-painting our fence, staining our deck, weeding etc. I'm excited to plant flowers too but will wait to buy those later of course. Tomorrow meeting some friends and we are going to do one of those Escape Rooms....I did one last year which was an zombie escape type puzzle so excited to do another one, hopefully we will be successful. 

    I celebrated mother's day last weekend with my mom so we will probably skype with DH's parents on Sunday and then I will probably just hide from the world....I just think it will be a hard day for me. 

    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! :) 
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    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

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  • I work all weekend, which is fine by me, as I suspect Mothers' Day will be especially triggering. I have a social outing/benefit planned for Saturday evening. Sunday I plan to relax after getting at least a three mile run in. (I've been doing so well with my half marathon training this far and I'm proud that I've kept at it). 

    Today I am visiting an old friend out of town. The drive this morning was nice to clear my head. 

    As as for my cycle, I'm pretty sure my FF is drunk as far as my alleged O is concerned. I'm already below cover line at "5dpo" and just wish AF will get a move on. I'm going to test on Monday and if it's a BFN (which I fully expect) I'm going to make an appointment to get some meds. It will be seven weeks since D&C and I'm irrationally fearful that something is wrong. I need a therapeutic AF! 
  • I am sending hugs to all of you feeling triggered by Mother's Day. Huge hugs. I remember what that felt like from my IF years.

    *TW- children mentioned*

    Tomorrow we have a birthday party to go to for a friend of my youngest child. Then in the evening/night, I've offered to go babysit for a close friend. Her husband has been working out of town for a month so far (indefinite finish date, could be several months longer) and her MIL cancelled on her for babysitting. I saw how disappointed she was and know she needs a little break and had been feeling excited about her plans. DH was understanding about me wanting to offer, so I did.

    Sunday, I've told my family I'd like to spend the day gardening after church. We've had really crummy weather here lately (chilly and lots of rain) so the prospect of a sunny, warm day is exciting and I hope to spend most of the day outside readying the garden for more planting. And drinking several margaritas.

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    DD2 born 5/14/13.

    Missed M/C at 9 wks July 2015.

    Expecting someone new 4/17/17.
  • We’re planning to do a lot of nothing I think - with phone calls to the mothers on Sunday of course. Grocery shopping, knitting and spinning. DH has some sort of video game tournament he wants to watch. I have a 6DPO blood test tomorrow and the lab is near a mall so I may pop in to get some new tea and a gym bag. And then I’ll also have a long Skype call with a friend - where we sit and knit and blather about our lives as if we were meeting in a coffee shop but instead she’s in California and I’m here in Alberta. 

    That actually sounds like a lot - and it is only 11 now and I'm ready for a nap... DH is still in bed (insomnia kept him awake until 5:30, luckily he didn't have to work today)

    ---TW BFP and MC mentioned - scroll down past the Lilo and Stitch gif to avoid ---

    Me: 33 & DH: 33
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    BFP #1: 11/2015, MC 12/2015 (7 weeks)
    BFP #2: 06/2016, EDD 2/15/2017

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  • This weekend, my parents are visiting and staying Sat-Sun. Once they leave, we head into the cities to visit my husband's parents. It's going to be a busy time for introverted little me! I opted to take a half-day from work so that I can rest a wee bit before doing oodles of housecleaning (also to rest up after a late showing of Captain America! :smile:)

    AF is due Monday, and I'd really hoped to see a BFP just in time for Mother's Day. It's not looking good, and it's been bringing me down. At the start of this cycle, I'd turned to DH and said, "April is a great time to make a baby!" And... Let's just say we acted like teenagers this month. ;) I sort of hoped our uh - "playfulness" - would lead to a fruitful outcome. Now, I don't totally mind if we act like teenagers all over again for another cycle. It just stinks that being positive and BD-happy doesn't do it. I'm going to strive to remain on the bright side. There's always an Aquarius baby (which I am!) if we conceive next time. :smile: 


    Me: 32      DH: 32
    Married: 11/19/11
    TTC 3/15
    BFP #1: 10/15, MMC 12/15 (10.5 weeks)
    BFP #2: 7/16, DD born 3/2/17 at 38 weeks <3
    BFP #3: 4/18, DS born 12/11/18 at 36 weeks <3
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    'Relations' @reneeannemm&nbsp; :D 

    I had an u/s this morning to rule out a possible cyst since I was having sharp ovary pains, luckily they found nothing.  I also got a BFN via blood test and I am CD37 (woof) so they had me start Provera today; I am hoping my body gets its' shit together and maybe AF will come on her own.

    Other than that, tonight we are celebrating Mother's Day for my MIL, tomorrow I have brunch/bachelorette party shopping with girlfriends, Sunday morning we have a soccer party for DH's friends (he's a huge soccer fan) and then after that, Mother's Day for my mom.  @catiecatp I am envious of your 'a lot of nothing'...I wish I could stay in bed, read my book and binge watch tv.

  • This is the beginning of 5 weekends in a row that we have something. This weekend DH and I have plans to go see his favorite band at the oldest dancehall in Texas which happens to also be where my mom lives. I volunteered my cheerleaders for a community service this weekend, they are still going, but I'm not. I didn't want to drive three hours round trip for a 30 minute community service event when their parents are there. Im the worst sponsor ever. I'm sorry for all of you that will have a hard time this weekend. 

    ****TW child mentioned and loss mentioned*****
    my baby has been sick all week and my students have been jerks I need to get away. So I'm glad we are doing this: tomorrow we are going to take back some of my daughters Easter gifts (clothes) and exchange them for different sizes. I love shopping for her. We are also going to spend time with my mom and grandmother to celebrate Mother's Day. It's just weird this year because I know I should be very pregnant and I'm not. I also know that my aunt will be there and her babies are the same age apart that mine should have been, it's a hard to see them together and mine by herself. 
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  • We have a pretty low key weekend. We are in driving distance to the mother's so we have plans with mine tonight and DH's tomorrow for brunch. Other than that we are lying low and doing some projects around the house.

    Wishing you all lots of peace this weekend. It's a hard one.
  • Pretty lazy this weekend, I'm picking up an extra call weekend this month so trying to not do too much since the next 3 weekends are work (which is cool-going to see my family in NY for 1.5 weeks in early June and it will come fast!). I know I O'd this week but BD Sunday was rather, um, truncated (ha ha!) since DH wants to wait until our endocrine appt 5/27 for final go-ahead ;-). I will be in NY during next cycle so definitely a continuing exercise in patience! My mom said, "you need to get healthy again before you build another one." Yes, yes, I remember Mom.....;-).

    And avoiding social media. Thoughts and hugs to everyone out there.
    Me: 39 DH: 39
    CP 1/25/16 4.5 weeks, developed Graves' disease
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