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LO will not eat table food

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At our 9m appointment our ped said its time for ALL table food. Whatever we eat during day, LO should eat. I was kinda in shock bc she doesn't even have a tooth yet and to go straight from purée to chicken or whatever seemed quick. However, I started with teething crackers, puffs, banana, avocado, cheese and seriously LO will not eat ANY table food. I even tried dang olives tonight from my salad lol and she just spits it out. Even teething crackers...puffs...won't eat it. Any ideas on what to do?? I feel like I'm so behind on food but idk what to do if she won't eat it. 

Oh and we did try the 9month purée that a more chunky, spits it out. Won't eat it! I think it's a texture thing?! Idk. 

Re: LO will not eat table food

  • Have you tried breaking it up? So like Cheerios in four pieces and mashed vegetables and fruits. Also have you tried putting it in the back to where the molers are supposed to be? That way it is harder for them to spit out. We do eating therapy with our daughter and that's what they said to do. Also if it is a texture thing you can try just rubbing it on there lips to encourage them to eat it or let them watch you eat it and it might spark there interest. 
  • I'm right there with ya, momma. my 9 month old won't even bring food to his mouth. my pediatrician isn't worried though. she told me not to force it, but to try different table foods often. your little one will get the hang of it soon :)
  • Our ped said that we may need to try some foods 10-12 times before LO likes it. I'd just keep trying...all of her nutrition is still coming from BM or formula, so she's still getting what she needs even if she's not all about the table food just yet.
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    LO eats everything now, table good, purees, snacks. When we first introduced food we didn't really try one thing a few times we gave him something different each feeding and he liked everything except carrots then a couple months later i tried carrots and and he loves them so it may be just all the changes. We didnt start table food until he started chewing. Keep trying your LO will get there and then eat EVERYTHING!
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    Hi mama! My son isn't so Fond of food yet either. But I heard food before 1 is just for fun, milk should be here main food. Eventually I know my son will eat everything. What did help me get him started is yogurt in the morning. He only takes a couple spoonfuls but at least he started getting excited when he sees it. Then for the rest of the day, if I have something he can eat, I'll give him a bit from my plate, but he sometimes tries it and sometimes he doesn't. My baby boy doesn't like purses but he seems to eat a lot more spoonfuls when it's soup. We haven't had a complete meal but every bang is different and perhaps once your baby gets her first tooth, she will be more interested. Don't stress, as long as she is getting her BM or formula she is doing well. Keep us posted and try the yogurt if you want, my son loves the mango yo baby! 
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