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A new limbo post D&E

It's been 2 weeks since my D&E and I had my HCG levels checked today. They were still over 1,000. The pathology report said that I didn't have a molar pregnancy, but apparently there was 1 thing about the report (excess fluid or something) that in combination with my HCG levels is making my doctor suspicious that it could have been partial molar. I have to go back in for an ultrasound to see if the levels are still high because of leftover tissue, but if there's no leftover tissue, she said it was potentially partial molar and we'd have to wait 6 months to try again and then be closely monitored.

This is all really confusing for me... My MMC was discovered at 10.5 weeks, but the heart had stopped at 8 weeks. My baby looked like an 8 week old fetus and it did have a heartbeat until that point. Can you still actually have a growing baby when you have a partial molar pregnancy? I'll ask my doctor more questions when I see her for the ultrasound, but until then, I'm kind of in limbo.
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Re: A new limbo post D&amp;E

  • I don't have much advice, but my doctor did mention that occasionally he'll see a partial molar with development like that. I'm so sorry you're in limbo. I hope you get answers soon. 
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    I had my d&c last Wednesday and found out yesterday it was a partial Molar pregnancy. With partials, the baby grows normal for a little while. Mine had a great hb at 6w4d, then passed 8w2d. Mine was from 2 sperm fertilizing one egg, so the baby had extra chromosomes, 69, two sets of dads, 1 set of mine. One of the things I noticed was cramping during the pregnancy, its because during a partial the uterus grows way faster than normal. Which caused my cramping and me to look 4 months preg so quick.

    My path was prob similar to yours. My Dr comfirmed by testing more tissue and he said ill have longer healing because of the partial. I go every two weeks to give blood for 6 months, then 1 a month for a year. If my hcg doesnt go down then we may have to do other tests and a round of chemo. If you want to chat or have questions just pm me. I still have questions, its still new but it helps to talk about it. Everyone here is great and so supportive. 
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  • Not a doctor, but I thought it was more important that your levels are dropping.  So one HCG by itself doesn't mean anything, but two is a lot more informative.  

    My HCG 2 weeks after cytotec was almost 7,000.  A second test 48 hours later showed it dropped to 5,000.  My doctor was happy to see the decline and that was the end of the testing.
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  • I am sorry you are going through this.  Like @Glitter my baby had triploidy from paternal origin, which is apparently a red flag for partial molar, but my pathology report did not indicate it.  My hcg did take a while to fall, though--I was doing blooddraws weekly with my RE.  My baby also appeared to be developing normally until I went in at 11w and there was no more heartbeat.  
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