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Diaper Bags - Carters Zip Down or BabyMoov Glitter Bag?

I can't seem to find a diaper bag I like. I was going for the Skip Hop Versa, but after seeing it in person, the inside seems small. I saw the Carters zip down front tote and thought it looked nice (not bulky) and very user friendly. Then I noticed the brand Babymoov and their glitter bag seems really nice, stylish and very functional....I'm torn and don't think the babymoov is in stores to check out in person....Anyone have one, use one, like either, etc? Thanks girls!
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Re: Diaper Bags - Carters Zip Down or BabyMoov Glitter Bag?

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    I have a Carters bag (different style) and used it for the first several months and it worked fine. Nothing fancy but served its's purpose. After a while, I started to get frustrated with the bag for several reasons and decided to splurge on a nicer, bigger bag. I ended up deciding on a Vera Bradley and LOVE it. I know I will never need another diaper bag, even with a second baby on the way. This was my 3rd diaper bag i purchased, but I finally found what worked for me. My advice is to get something cheap(ish) and functional for the begginning until you see what you like, how much stuff you need to bring with you, etc and then go from there. I definitely jumped the gun and bought 2 before I even had the baby, not having any idea what I would actually what in a bag.
    Good luck!
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