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Separation anxiety

my son is 10momths going on 11 and he has bad separation anxiety. At home he crawls around the floor and cruises and doesn't mind going into other rooms with out me but If I leave him in the crib while I wash his bottles or something he cries. Same in the playpen in the living room. When he sleeps I try and put him down in the crib but he tends to wake up and cries and won't go down to sleep unless he sleeps with me. Which I don't mind co sleeping. He's at daycare and has been for about a month now part time only Monday's and Tuesday's that's all I can afford. He cries non stop there and they don't do anything bad because I can see him through there cameras. We get there and he's fine it's when I leave he cries like crazy. Any tips ? 

Re: Separation anxiety

  • Sounds pretty normal for the age BUT the crying when put down for a nap is probably because he knows you'll pick him up and let him sleep with you. That's totally fine if you don't mind doing it but if you want things to change then you need to do some work to make that happen. 

    If he's crying when you put him inside of something (while he's awake), then he probably just doesn't want to be contained. Unfortunately by the time you figure out what to do, this phase will probably have passed. I'd just ride it out as best as you can for now.  

  • I agree the separation anxiety is normal.  For the sleeping, I would recommend doing some version of the Ferber method/crying it out.  We used it to get our oldest to fall asleep by herself, and have been using it here and there for our youngest.


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  • Going through the same here. Little man is 10 months and a week old. I can't even leave him in his cot whilst I clean my teeth! He just screams the house down making for a very stressful situation! Even when my hubby's home and I leave the room, the cries start. I can't take him into every room as he'd end up hurting himself on something, so I have to do things a million miles an hour in order to get back to him ASAP. He gets himself in a right state. 
    Cant wait for this stage to pass. It's too stressful!
  • You could try putting him in his high hair while you do dishes. Works for my monkey. Though he doesn't have the separation anxiety yet. 
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    My LO has always been like this. I have an exersaucer in the kitchen to put her in while I wash bottles and a jumper in my bedroom to put her in if I need to do something upstairs. If she's being super clingy and I need to do something I'll put her in a carrier.

    ETA that when I find myself getting frustrated with having a Velcro baby that for example, can't be away from me long enough to allow me to go to the bathroom, I try to think about how sweet it is that she loves me so much she can't stand to be apart for even a moment. I know someday it won't be like that. 
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