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Extreme leg cramps?

I'm a third time mom, so I feel kind of dumb posting a symptoms question, but I'm seriously desperate. I can call my OB tomorrow morning, but thought someone might have some words of wisdom.

Ive always gotten leg cramps at night during my third trimester. They hurt, but I stretch them out and it's better. Last night I got an extremely bad one that took a long time to work out. Even afterwords though it has continued to be tight and hurt, no matter how much I drink, stretch, walk, etc. and now I have one in the other leg as well. 

Yesterday we were in the car for 6 hours. I don't know if that could be related or not. It's making it seriously hard to move around though! 

Im going to jump in a warm shower, and pray that helps. Anyone else deal with these? Did you find something to help? Or is this just another "stick it out till the baby comes" type of thing? 
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Re: Extreme leg cramps?

  • I went to the er the other day cuz I freaked myself out googling! Mine was not drinking enough water and I was told to eat a banana at night. Since I have been doing this things have been better!
  • I also get cramps in the third tri. Love them so much. Occasionally after a bad one I have lingering leg pain/muscle soreness. I usually just wait it out, warm shower and massage if I can get it. One of my favourite things after delivery is stretching and pointing my toes without an instant cramp!
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  • I had leg and foot cramps at night during my last pregnancy, and more potassium helped for sure.
  • A banana is a good idea. I'll have to try that
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  • My ob said to take magnesium to help with restless legs and cramping .
  • ahernandez16ahernandez16 member
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    I have these SO bad. Sometimes they're so bad my leg is literally sore. People have suggested bananas to me but I hate bananas so much I just can't do it. I've also heard magnesium. As long as I don't get too dehydrated before bed I'm USUALLY okay, but I need to ask my OB about the magnesium at my next appointment. 
  • I used to have them all the time but before I ft pregnant and now I have only gotten them a couple times . But just like you said pretty much bad enough to make me cry until it released then my legs would stay really sore for s couple days . bananas help a ton! I also took a potassium pill but I don't want to take anything since I got pregnant because I never researched the side affect ( not sure if there is any). Best advice is bananas , water and when it hits if you can flex your toe your muscle can't tighten up as much making it more bearable . Also I have one of those corn hot pads then you heat up in the microwave and that helps . And if you are brave enough if you can foam roll your calfs hurts like a sob but helps them stay stretched out In between the cramps and happen less often 
  • And an Epson salt bath! Worked so well for my cramps and even my rls.
  • kwife15kwife15 member
    Get fizzy tablets called Nuun. Designed for workouts but I found they work quite well during pregnancy too.
  • kwife15 said:
    Get fizzy tablets called Nuun. Designed for workouts but I found they work quite well during pregnancy too.
    Fun fact: these are also perfect for hangovers, lol. Not like we're experiencing those right now, but it's good to know. ;) 
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  • Came here to say Bananas. I woke up with screaming charlie horses about twice towards the end of my second trimester, and now I eat a banana as a snack before I go to sleep, and I haven't had anything but light cramping in my legs since.
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    I had Charlie horses in both thighs on Sunday morning and practically inhaled two bananas and slammed about 16 oz of water and they went away within minutes. My shins have been really tight lately and I'm considering a magnesium supplement to help since I already eat bananas every friggin' day! Although, I've been eating them in the morning so I'll have to try this at night business first!
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  • You've got a lot of great answers here but just wanted to sympathize. In the 'early third' I was getting leg cramps that would wake me up. Now it's just in the morning that my legs cramp up and I stretch it out as I'm waking up. Water makes a huge difference. Drinking water throughout the day helped alleviate my cramps at night. I find especially after a weekend, when I'm more out and about, I end up drinking less water and Mondays are rough. 
  • In sorry so many others are suffering from this too, but I appreciate all the answers! Thank you all!
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  • Some great tips here!! I have had the worst calf cramps that wake me up at night. I didn't have that with my first pregnancy. 
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  • Almonds have potassium just like bananas. I hate bananas, but raw almonds will do the trick too
  • Potatoes are also rich in potassium.  
  • I eat bananas everyday and was still getting leg cramps.  My chiro recommended chelated magnesium 30 minutes before bed and my ob approved it.  Chiro specifically said the chelated kind, so I get one from the local health food store, although I forget the reasoning why that kind thanks to prego brain. Its been magical!  I haven't had a charlie horse since!  Definitely hydrate, get potassium (bananas) and have your DH massage the knot out. 
  • alitriaalitria member
    I get these periodically but it's worse when I'm pregnant.  Lately they've been so bad my toes curl backwards and every set of muscles cramps, so if I stretch one way, the corresponding set of muscles will cramp.  There's been some very exciting middle of the night swearing in my house lately.  I do the whole bananas/magnesium/water etc. routine and it helps some, but nothing has totally solved the problem.  I actually have a TENS unit for when I'm not pregnant, but I can't use it right now.  I find stretching before I go to sleep or making sure I move frequently helps some, as does paying attention to the shoes I wear and keeping a giant hot pad I can wrap around my leg. 
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